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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Hi again... I hope this works. It is working so far. Oh well. Today I worked on stuff... I downloaded 2 They Might Be Giants songs: "They Might Be Giants" And "Particle Man". My brother likes "Particle Man"... hehe. They should have put in Micro Man in that song... Micro Man, he can do anything anyone else can! That could fit in the song... These songs get EASILY stuck in your head... They Might Be Giants is in my head now which is why I'm starting Particle Man... yay. It's a spiffy song. Spiffy is a spiffy word. Hmm... dot or speck. I think a point. Oh well. I have to update my website. I also think Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Unstoppaiiaeaux, and Wonderwoman should be in this song too. Oh well. Person man is cool. And almost dead guy... but that's guy, not man. Babbling is fun. Anyway, I am going to work more on my website after the song ends.. because I have no life. I already practiced for an hour today... yay. My orchestra junk is impossible. OK well I'm gonna go work on the site now. Bubye.

mo posted at 4:17 PM.