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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Hmmm this is my first blog. At least the little posting box is bigger than in the site description. I already have a site, but I guess that wouldn't work. Anyway, today MICHAEL and STEPHEN might not be able to come play pictionary, like that's so fun, but oh well. Michael has to though, I mean Peaches. Anyway, if he doesn't come then it would just me me, Iiiaeaux, and her darling little sisters *cough*. Oh well. Alyssa's nice, but Serena is weiiiiiiiird. I don't really get the point of blogs, but oh well. I can give up on mine if I want. And then we must find out what Peru looks like from our wonderful little classmates. I don't understand how they could not care what it looks like, but that's ok. We will make them. Using force is fun, as long as I don't have to do the dirty work... hehe. I'm not too good at that. I would poke the person with the knife twice and giggle. The killing things part is for Iiaeaux.... Erm... Stress Cowwwwwwwr! Anyway, I dont' have much else to say, I could write on this later... or maybe I can't. I will find out. I'm going insane because all of this freaking Star Wars music! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HELP!*

Yay Now I am adding more to this thing because I'm bored and I have no life. One moment please...

Soon I must eat lunch and then go to Iiaeaux's house... maybe there isn't an apostrophe s there... oh well. Anyway, I updated my site a bit, not very much, but that's ok. Oh well. I don't understand blogs really, I will probably give up on this one once school starts. I also don't understand why anyone would want to read my pointless ramblings. Oh well. I have to practice... I am freaking out as usual about this... auditions soon.. soonish. After school starts, but still it's tooooo soon. ERG. I have to work so hard. It's evil. Oh well, it gives me a reason to use rosin. Rosin is my friend. It's so cool. Yeah, anyway my bro is still listening to the freaking Star Wars music.... OI. I hope one day he gets sick of it. I have already. I don't know why I agreed to download things for him. I hope I never do that again. This whole blog thing is confusing... why is it called blog anyway? Oh wellllll...

I have no big evil plans at the moment, even though that is a weird thing for me... no wait, the PERU plan. OK everyone who hasn't been to my site, here is the Peru thing. Michael, Iiaeaux, and I were talking on the phone about how big Iiaeaux's house is, and we decided it's as big as Peru (or some other random country). So then we started talking about Peru, and Michael revealed that he learned about Peru as a small child and all he remembered was that Peru looks like a dog. And then Iiaeaux and I go "WHAAAAAT?" And look at a globe, trying to understand what he means. Then we try to figure out what WE think Peru looks like, and I will finish this later because I have to eat lunch.

Now I'm back from Ariana's house and stuf... and anyway, we sent out an email to the whole class (or ALMOST the whole class) and no one cared what Peru looks like... GRR... so now we have to call everyone.

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