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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

OK yay. I am going to post some thoughts of other people here, so hahaha. When I went to Iiaeaux's house with Michael last week, we were listening to Blink182. Now, we were listening to the song "All The Small Things". There is the line in it that goes "Work sucks, I know" Now Michael (Peaches) pointed out that how could their work possibly suck? They get paid millions of dollars to run around and make music videos and perform in front of huge screaming crowds and make up music... They get paid a LOT to be stupid. Now I would like to do that, that would be nice. So I don't think they are being honest when they say "work sucks."

OK, I saw Signs today with Iiaeaux and Ito, and it was ok... but sorta dumb. I wanted the little boy to die. Because he always needed his inhaler. But I guess that was the point at the end, and the little girl's water fixation. Except it wouldn't really work because no one just leaves all the glasses of water around... but what was the main guy (Mel Gibson) what was his special talent thing... I mean the girl liked "clean" water so there was water all over the house, the boy has athsma so it saves his life, and the brother is good at hitting things with baseball bats... but what was Mel Gibson's talent? Umm maybe it was flashbacks and putting things together and telling his brother to smash the alien's head off... even though it didn't really work... oh well. The boy was annoying though. And, in the credits, they had lots of strange names... like M. Night. Ito thinks the M stands for Mid. Hehe. Mid Night. Also, there was someone named Brick. I want to name my son Brick. Or maybe my daughter. Oh well. BUT. My firstborn child, assuming I have a child, would be named Philos. Because Philos is the COOLEST name every invented. It's pronounced Fi-Loce, or something like that... I think it could be for a boy or a girl, but it seems more masculine than feminine. I can't think of any good girls names, except maybe Mid if her middle name is Night. I need good name ideas, they are fun. Sara wants to name her child Itfly, but that's even worse than Philos. I insist on Philos though. So should Iiaeaux. PHILOS! Ah, what a great name.

I had another thought, I'm sure of it. Oh well. I ordered some shirts from (a cool website), and they will come on THURSDAY. They'd better fit... oh well. WAHAHHAA. Shirts. I can't remember my other thought but I made another one anyway. OK, everyone go buy They Might Be Giants albums. Because they're cool, and they're Geek Rock! YAY!!!! Also, buy Tom Lehrer: Songs & More Songs by Tom Lehrer. Or whatever Michael has with ALL OF THE SONGS HE EVER WROTE on it... because it's funny. ESPECIALLY The Masochism Tango, and Poisoning Pigeons in the Park. YES! Hahaha. Cyanide. Anyway, I think I'm done with this for now, unless I figure out my other thought that I forgot... Yay.

mo posted at 5:55 PM.