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Monday, September 02, 2002

This blog thing is all messed up... yeah. Anyway... I have nothing anyone wants to hear about, my boring stupid life. Breaking up sucks. That is pretty much all I have to say. *bangs head on keyboard*... I'm getting better now though. I guess. Less depressed. Now I just have no energy. Erm, less than before. Stuff is so boring. Life is so boring. I can't believe this happened.

Do I have ANYTHING else to talk about? I am so pathetic. I will talk about my love of the wall. Seriously I don't like the wall. I like the ceiling. But, at the Levis Faculty Center the walls are cool because they are brick and huggable. *sigh* i remember smashing CDs on that wall. Well I actually didn't because I'm sure I'm too weak to do that, but oh well. I just have no life so I remember these things... I sat in the corner and talked.

Anyway today I am going to Iiaeaux's house to make ceiling Sweatshirts... pretty much I'm gonna learn how to sew a little bit. YAY. more than what I know now, which is pretty much the fact that I have learned how to make the embroidery machine NOT eat my shirt. Oh well. Anyway, this is so confusing. Sweatshirts are nice though. Warm and dark and fuzzy and comfy and I can hide in them and pretend I'm not there. Hopefully this one will have a hood... hehe. We wanted to embroider "Damn, it's raining" on the hood. I don't think my mom would like that too much. Haha. I don't know if anyone would care either. That's ok.

No one cares because we suck. Lucas just logged in and out and he likes the letter J a lot. Weird. Anyway I was gonna say something else but now I forgot. Stupid brain. Big Evil Plans rarely work. Oh dear, cramps again. RaR is my new phrase. This is just a jumble of random thoughts. Get get get get get over it. Fun.

School started oh so fun. Maybe it is. I'm too confused to figure it out. I didn't have much homework though, yay. So today is a boring day, labor day. Hooray. I think my life is just getting sadder and sadder. Like for instance, I thought a gamecube game looked fun. Ugh. I have nothing to type, stupid!!!!!!!! RaR! I can answer email but I don't want to. Maybe now that I have *absolutely* no life I can update this more. My site is sadly somewhat abandoned right now because I am on the linux and I update on the Mac, so there. Tomorrow will be interesting. Tuesday. School. No free period (sad). Ugh. Bored bored bored. No life Mo. I helped Jono with his homework. That has been accomplishment number 1 of today.

Oh oh oh I remembered something that made me happy. On Saturday, I got into my other orchestra. Yay. Now I am going to have a reason to practice something. I was doing an hour a day practicing for the audition so I'm taking a rest yesterday and today... because I need to chill out and make some shirts and stuff. I have nothing better to do than sit here and type. What should I type? Shadow people are SCARY. They are. They pictures frighten me. And there were these pictures I found online of "ghosts" and even though they were all fake they were SOOOOOOOOOO CREEPY. Yes, I am a creep. But it was scary. To quote Angelina, "THEY'RE SCARY MO!!! I'M SCARED!!!"

Hehe they are scary. Rar. I'm done here, watching stupid Gamecube things... sad life, sad sad life.

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