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Sunday, September 22, 2002

Wow I just have so much time to work on this, even though no one readis it because they don't... well I have been downloading mp3s and stuff... like New Found Glory singing backstreet boys, britney spears, the titanic song, etc. anyway, also i'm SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK. Laryngitis. Cold. Allergies. All of the above. I'm a little better so I can go to school tomorrow (because I *HAVE* to) and woo, spread my germs. Germs germs germs! YAY. Everyone wants them, I am so priveliged to have them (not.) I have been studying history and doing homework all weekend, what fun. I can't work on sundays. I don't have anything to say here anyway. Except that part of this fanfic for fushigi yuugi is where the fushigi yuugi characters meet the backstreet boys... so they go onstage with them, and start singing the bsb song "Everybody", so it goes like this:

BSB: Everybody!
Everyone: Everybody!
Nick: Am I original?
Audience: Yeah!
Audience: Yeah!
Tamahome: Am I sexual??
Audience: ... (Chirp...Chirp)
Tamahome: (Burns with anger) I said, AM I SEXUAL???
Audience: ...
Hotohori: (Ahem) AM I SEXUAL????
Audience: YEEEAAAAH!!!!!!

I find that very amusing. Yay. Okies, bye everyone, going to read the bio.

mo posted at 4:14 PM.