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Monday, November 25, 2002

I am home... right before I go to my cello lesson. Today at school we had to start making plays, and apparently I am the prep who smoked, was in the hospital for lung cancer, lit a ciggarette, and painted her nails, then exploded and went to Hell. How exciting. Anyway, today was pretty good except for the fact that it was so cold. I was extremely extremely cold both walking to PE and waiting after school. However, after school I was both physically cold and emotionally cold (i.e. alone). I don't know why. Last week when me and Angelina walked into the gym for PE we screamed "KANGWAY'S SO HOTT!" because we were supposed to. Or I was supposed to, but it was funner with two people. Yes, Kangway, the hott one.

I wish everyone would just stop bugging me. I want them to go away. Not everyone of course, only the people I don't like. Some people, i.e. Lucas, have told me very blatantly that my personality is cold and horrible, but I really don't mind. I just mind that they keep beating on me and beating over and over, every day. It's horrible. It's not the words, it's how they say it. I'm not being teased or tortured. I just am unwanted. Well mostly. If you are going to criticize me, then just get away. Away from me, do you hear? Obviously not, because I am always silent. But I just want some peace and quiet with those I like. Or loudness, depending.

Alright I'm back now. Also, I just studied Imperial Rome on the phone with Angelina for 1 and a half hours. However, in that time I was apparently very nervous and biting my lip, for now my lips are very chapped. I have applied my ever-helpful lip balm (not lip gloss, which doesn't DO ANYTHING), and my lips are recovering. I wonder how much of this history I actually retain. I mean, earlier today Kangway talked about the Spartans killing their babies (he had watched a show about it) and I remembered that the ephors (government) had done that. Anyway, I also told Kangway about the conversations we had on the way to PE. We said that we should shout "KANGWAY'S SO HOTT!!" on campus like we did in the gym a few days ago. Except then we imagined Kangway's brother and dad walk by, or our parents. That would be interesting.

Also, the Bio movie was quite amusing today. And cool. Because it was like "You mean to tell me that I have 50% identical genetic material to a BANANA??" He was so funny *insert image of anouncer guy holding a banana and looking astonished*. Haha. Time to eat dinner.

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