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Friday, November 29, 2002

I have to go to Angelina's house soon...

Now that I am back, I have been discussing with Kangway how interesting it would be to visit him. Hehe. I can just imagine him telling his parents 5 minutes before, "Mo's coming over" and they would be like "that's nice, don't leave the house too messy." Wouldn't that be superduper cool? Oh crap, I just used the word superduper. Again! AAAHHH! I just downloaded "She's So High". Good song.

I have been making a list of things to get people for *insert winter holiday here*... and I can't think of that much. Except for 2 people. But anyway I am imagining fun and creative stuff. Hah. Well as fun and creative as I can make it.

I was reading interesting quotes at (got the link from Tom's info)... here are a few I really liked:

moira: Ibet I could play my lungs like a harp if they weren't stuck
insdie my body

CecilPL: I have a life, I just don't do anything in it

ChuffyCow: I'm having a bagel with nutella
chrish: gnutella?! it'll take you all day to download that bagel!

reuben: you're like people with bumper stickers.
reuben: telling the same lines over and over and over again.
reuben: anything witty is only witty once
reuben: hey
reuben: that would be a good bumper sticker

Axlar`cleaning: shhhhh
pizza: i didnt make a sound... you ever hear a pizza make a sound?
Wey: crunch?
Goatman: i heard a pizza scream once
Goatman: but maybe that was the kid i baked in it

pezmasta: my band is gonna be called: rage against the answering machine

Interesting, eh? Oh yes. There were more that are quite wrong and you can see them yourself. However they usually weren't funny, just sick, so pointless... just like everything.

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