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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I just practiced the cello for an hour, so I have come back to my stupidity (AIM and blogging)... oh how I love it. And finally, people I actually want to talk to are around! I suppose it doesn't make sense that I'm typing on here then, but too bad. They do not have my full attention.

Today we began singing in Japanese again. Japanese class is so much more entertaining when we sing. Especially because of Dean's pathetic attempts to make fun of the song while everyone else is having a good time. It's a fun song; the opening theme to Neon Genesis Evangelion. I don't know the series other than I have heard of it, but the song is spiffy. These Japanese songs grow on you.

I wore my hair up today, or I put it up during Japanese. I got interesting comments such as "Good, you look like a ditz now!", "Hi Mo's hair", and "How did you get that ponytail so high?" I guess that's better than me tying my hair back at the beginning of subbie year and Colette asking me if I was ok.

We went to play pool after school. It was moderately interesting. Although at some points I got really pissed off at Lucas for making me nervous. Yes, blame it on him. Anyway I was happy except that I had to go at 4 because I wanted to buy Kangway nail polish; however no one seemed to want to accompany me and I had to go How sad it is. Such is everything. And the fact that I found Atomic Fireballs from last February in my coat.

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