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Sunday, November 24, 2002

Yesterday was eventful. After I had my orchestra concert I went out to dinner with Brett, Hannah, Angelina, and Tom. They had just gone to the James Bond movie, but poor deprived me didn't get to go. Anyway during dinner Al kept coming up to our window and sitting against it and pulling his pant legs up and down. He was a very intresting stalker-type-person, whom the other people in the restaurant seemed not to notice. However, if he had attacked, I would have my rape whistle. My rape whistle is kind of pointless, because it's easier to just scream, but everything goes in my pockets, so I just have it with me. Anyway, later we did weird things in front of Al's table, to get him back. I'm sure the incredibly super-cool *cough* sophomores he was with enjoyed that. Anyhow, I did Michael-foo in front of them, which is Peaches' wonderful martial arts invention in which you are not allowed to bend your arms or legs. Therefore you end up looking like a zombie or a really pathetic dancer. Or maybe a caveman.

Anyway, after eating dinner, we went to the dance. The dance was not terribly exciting, but we put up decorations there first. Blacklights can be fun. Lucas yelling at me because of them is not. I don't think that was very nice. And he tells me that I'm the one with the fucked up personality. Anyway, I had to go downstairs to ask for tape, and I did, but I ended up asking Mr. Vaughn a question about the history test anyway. It figures. That's what happens when you type history IDs all day and then go to a dance. Actually it's probably just me. But I had a question it was convenient. Later on we made Mr. Vaughn dance. I will be back after food.

Ok i'm back. Also at the dance I finally danced with someone after about 6 months. I had forgotten how good a slightly sweaty t-shirt feels on my face. I had to leave at 10, but it was ok. I had a good time. For the first time in really... since August 31, despite what nasty words had come my way over the internet earlier yesterday. I'm not naming names but I'm sure you can figure it out.

Now I must go to bed and get ready for a wonderful Monday *cough*.
Hopefully one I will be awake for.

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