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Monday, December 16, 2002

Alright, now for today's entry. Amirah is lending me "Ceres -- Celestial Legend". I am about 2/3 of the way through volume one. It's addictive. Why are these things so addictive??? Anyway there's a bunch of cool characters and for once I don't hate the main character. Aya, that's her name, she isn't as hateful as Miaka. However, that is not too difficult. I sitll don't really like her, but better than Miaka is a plus.

Anyway other than that, nothing much happened today. I need a notebook for my fun Japanese phrases, but I don't know whether I have one yet. I used candy canes, cookies, and nestle crunch bars for my english presentation today, mostly because I like candy canes and cookies and chocolate. My candy cane took me an hour and 10 minutes to eat, cuz I don't bite it. Haha that was really necessary information.

I have decided that I was very cynical yesterday but I didn't edit that post anyway, because i wouldn't if I had been able to put it on here. I think I am just going to be choosier who I'm nice to. I think some people get the completely wrong impression. Like today, Justin asked if he needed to leave.. but yeah. Umm, he didn't, I don't mind him being around, and I don't hate him. Actually I'm neutral about most of my classmates, which is very good, considering I tend to fiercely clash with those whom I hate.

Now that I ate a candycane, the candycane lip gloss does not seem as exciting. However, I am sure it will serve as a good smelly substitute. Maybe I should listen to some music now, I am in the mood. I feel that the only song I tend to want to listen to is "El Scorcho". I don't know why but it's my favorite song of the moment. Very very appealing. Weird sounding guys singing about girls they like. Hey that's always good.

Now I think until I have something better to add, I will finish reading Ceres, this addictive manga... I wonder if I particularly like Yu Watase, or I just like manga in general. I think I need to read some other series... Oh well. The guys on the cover have blue hair and yet in the manga, the girl gets yelled at for dying her hair (I think it's blond). I guess they figure that if everyone had black hair like in real life it would be boring and unappealing. However, I like black hair. Especially on Japanese people.

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