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Friday, December 20, 2002

Freedom! Kinda. And of course the first thing I do is come to my computer. Hey, I *WOULD* have called Angelina but I think that she uh is at a violin practice or something that I get to skip. Anyway, I think she liked the teething fish, it is very her. I hope Batia liked what I got for her too. It's too bad I didn't get to get anything for Ariana :( Batia was funny when she gave me the notebook and the box: "you SO do not have a Japanese notebook, your blog lies!" or something like that. Hmm... well I suppose my blog could lie, if I really wanted it too. So now, maybe I should make some goals for winter break so I don't just slug around at the computer spending 10+ hours a day on it like I did Thanksgiving Break. Alright, excluding the week I'll be gone, I think I am going to:

Make sure that Photoshop is finally downloaded on the other computer so I can work on our manga (of which we finally have fan art! It's soooo cool! Hahahaha fanart!)

Write the stuff in my new beautiful duct tapey Nihongo phrasebook

Buy lotsa manga of which I don't know what kind I will get, but yeah hopefully some, so that I actually own some instead of borrowing it all...

Study the manga that Amirah is generously letting me borrow over winter break, seeing as if I edit our manga I may need ideas or ways to figure out how to do something.

Collect more songs to burn a CD... I currently have about 10 I like, but I need a few more before it's worth making a CD.

Decide right now that goals are dumb and stop writing them. I think goals really are dumb. But that's ok, plans are fine. I found a good quote at "remember when neptune was the farthest planet? good times." hahahahahaha that is so incredibly funny. Or maybe I'm just tired. Today at the winter "surprise" party I'm assuming the Japanese song thing didn't have any disasters like last year (which I wasn't at), and I didn't get the majority of the stuff that was happening, but Peaches contact juggled and that was really pretty, and I held his watch (ooh, he's like a rock star now, and I held his watch.) That reminds me, another one of my winter break plans is to get my kanji watch repaired. Anyhow, uhh... right, the party thing. Of course it's the "everyone would rather go home" party, but it was enjoyable anyway. I was munching/licking candy canes all day anyway so I wasn't too hungry, yet I stood in the 300 person line for food anyway. Nobu had quite a lot of food, which was uhh... special. Sure. That's the word. Today at lunch he helped me invent a water bottle with a straw. Yes, it doesn't really have a point but I think it's cool anyway. I also learned that I can still touch my foot to the back of my head, although I kinda pulled my leg muscle doing it. Too bad. During the song Zankoku na tenshii no teeze, uhh... Nathan danced. It was very funny, although it did take some getting used to in Nihongo class... mentally disturbing. But hey, it's always good when people like to look stupid in front of the whole school. Whatever.

It was strange how everyone was hugging after school today because this would be the last time in 2002 that they would see them. Oh goodness, two whole weeks! Half a month! We'll lose all touch and die! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Well for some of us that's a plus, but hey, life tends to be a plus for me. I think I hugged some random people who were screaming "MO!" That tends to happen a lot. Like Arielska and Angelina and Tomek. However, the subliminal message that most people who talk to me know... yes. That will be my subliminal message. Batia made the point that Kangway and Nobu and Toya have similar hairstyles. I don't think so, they're just all asian and asian hair is cool. I wanna be asian. Too late. Ok ariana's on the phone so I am abandoning you avid readers now. Ha.

Yeah, I"m too random, I know. I think I just have an obsessive personality... hmm... one thing, obsessive, then go to the next obsessive thing. This can't be good. Other than that it's really bland. Bland bland bland. I am so bland. Maybe that's why people don't like me. Or maybe it's the obsessive half. .. yeah whatever. I'm tired and I have a headache, and i'm yeah... ish...

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