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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Hey look, I'm here again. After a while being silent. That's ok though. Just took a shower, uh... was doing nihongo shukudai... but I finished. I dont' have much else to do until Ariana gets back at 9:30... yes. Excitement. Kangway told me to be silent for a while, so I'm not gonna say anything until he writes, in case he's not supposed to be on AIM or something like that. Anyhow, today was good, very very good. Chocolate is very very good.

Ooh lookie, Kangway is back. Yippee. Haha time to ignore blog readers. Tooooo bad. I mean, zan nen! Hahahahaha. Shinigami wa kawaii desu. I have all sorts of fun phrases now. kyouu no hirugohan... wahahahaha. Anyway yeah today rocked, that's all you need to know unless you're kangway. Haha... moody and banana smoothies...

akuma wa anata no tamashii o tabemasu.

watashi wa kougousei o shiteimasu.

mo posted at 6:49 PM.