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Thursday, December 05, 2002

I don't have a lot of time, so some fun stuff: HE LEFT. Woo. I'm so evil. Secret Santas Suck. Preps suck. Peaches said "I hate fitness as much as the people in the middle east hate each other". Uh... I ate chocolate. I have a headache. I had a good day. This is a good week. I got some good emails. I have friends. My friends are good. I ordered 12 orders of sake in Nihongo class (haha sure). I have a notebook. I do my homework. I talked to Iiaeaux. My friends have nicknames. No one will talk to me. Except for about 3 people. I have sucky grammar. My friends have worse. My brother can't spell. Why does my head hurt? Why is the sky blue? Why did I color the tip of my pencil red? Why is the week almost over? Doushite? My emotion chain has ended. No it hasn't. Yes it has. It would be fun to have only people with multiple personality disorder doing commercials. "Buy this product -- BECAUSE WE'RE EVIL MONEY-MAKING BITCHES -- and it also will improve the quality of your home!" JohnMark to Tom to dochi no hou ga sekushii desu ka? Where is Kangway? Tsuttsukimasu!

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