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Thursday, December 19, 2002

I must study for my history essay, and Ariana is probably mad at me for hanging up on her while I was on hold, but my mom needed the phone. Forgive me! Today was another good day. I am starting to get scared at how many good days seem to be piling up recently. Every single entry I say I had a good day. Why am I having so many good days? Have I done my time with the bad ones? Hmm... I don't mind, as long as it keeps going. Keep the good times coming. Nothing extrodinairily good happens, but the little things, they pile up. Usually it's the other way around, you have a bunch of little things that pile up and give you a rotten day. Like a test you screwed up, losing your money, someone blowing up at you, tripping on the stairs, getting a papercut, forgetting your homework at home. That sorta stuff. But then there's the things that add up to make a good day. A smile. A "hello." An offer of food, singing a song, drawing on the chalkboard, buying people gifts, a wave, a tap on the shoulder, a favor asked of you, a laugh. Those things add up to a good day.

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