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Saturday, December 21, 2002

I wonder if anyone reads this. It's surprising when people comment on it. However, I guess that's the mistake of me putting this URL in my info. Anyway, on to the fun stuff. What fun stuff!?!?! Hehe. I spent a lot of the day packing. That was not particularly fun. I also went and bought stuff, like a backpack, so that I could pack stuff in it. Aren't you jealous of my life? But the most fun thing I did today was... see The Two Towers! It was so cool! It was way better than the first one... Fellowship of the Ring or whatever it was... Maybe I just like battle scenes. But battles are fun for everyone! And this one wasn't so much about Frodo, it more followed Aragon and Legolas, who are much more interesting characters. I still don't see the appeal of hobbits. Hmm. Maybe I will think about that. Actually, I probably won't. Anyway, I don't read the books, but I watch the movies... sounds really cheap, doesn't it? Hehe. That's alright, I hate fantasy books. They're so... uhh.. what's the word... boring. It's much more exciting/interesting/appealing when you can see it in front of you, and hear it too... I guess you could say that with any books, but these are such good movies that I don't think it would be even worth it to try reading the books... If the movies are 3 hours long, how much of my time am I going to devote to these stories? This is not my life (although that may be an upgrade) and I have other things I could do. Not that I will do them, but I could/should. So anyway, I think that will be the end of my LotR rant, except for two more things: Elves are cool and Legolas rocks.

My leg hurt a lot today. It was not a very pleasant experience. I think I'm going to explode with holiday-ness. I got a headache from the intensity of it all yesterday. Last day of school before the holidays, it's horrible. Knocks me out. If I saw one more Christmas tree or heard another Christmas Carol I think I would have fainted. Well now that I am in my recovery state, and somewhat glad I will be WAY out of town for the big holiday(s), I can calmy think again. Calm. Calm. CALM. Ok, so I don't have a generally calm attitude, but this holidayness will kill me if I'm not careful.

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