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Thursday, December 12, 2002

Kangway is right. Have you noticed that almost all of my blogs start with "kangway blah blah blah". too bad. Why is everyone so separated this year? I don't know why. But when I get together with my "groups" it is quite fun. Hmm... the whole school thing though, everyone's just dead. The excitement is gone. I dont' want it to go away though. I don't want it to be a habit. I like seeing people I like. Oh well. I liked the time at the spaghetti shop with al on the window. Hey, good. And Halloween, where we ordered like 20 pizzas and ate candy and watched cheesy horror movies......... and hit each other with pillows. I like that. I guess I can say that i get sad without my friends. Hey, what's IM for?

mo posted at 7:05 PM.