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Sunday, December 01, 2002

My hands really hurt right now because I was just attempting to tune my cello without breaking any strings. Well so far I am successful only in not breaking the strings. I am giving my hands time to recooperate before I have to try again. I really like this weezer lyric: "There's nothing more that we can do / To save you from yourself" It's from Keep Fishin, and it reminds me of several people I know. I apologize but you are stuck being you. It really doesn't suck that much. Maybe it does. But if you forget about how much it sucks to be yourself and think about other people for once it may help. Maybe that's what they are doing already. Maybe we all just need to chill out and do something fun instead of obsessing over the stupidest stuff. The stuff that you can't change so it's completely pointless to try. Accept it and stop making your life more complicated than it is.

I have NO IDEA what I just said... that tends to happen when I write a long vague paragraph about life. How about just listen to weezer and everything will be peachy?

mo posted at 11:09 AM.