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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Today I have had serious lack of blogness for people have been in the room and I always post when I'm alone, because no one will read it, and also I can think more clearly. Anyway, today I suppose is New Years Eve, and that always makes me happy (Note: it's not Christmas that makes me happy). I suppose it comes from the fact that we supposedly celebrate New Years and get presents and stuff, but I never really get anything anyway, neither for my birthday. I would really like a nice mp3 player though, to go with the earphones Ariana gave me, and that way I wouldn't be begging people for CDs to burn stuff onto. However, I need one that could plug into my computer, and I"m not sure if that exists for me.

Anyway people are supposed to make New Years Resolutions or something, and so I guess for now I'll pretend to be a nice normal person and make some. Let's see. What can I promise to do better. Well let's see. I'm not fat, on drugs, I don't spend too much money, I get good grades, and I'm decent to people. Hmm. I can't really think of anything that I sucked at this year that I want to get better at. I guess I should try to spend less time online, but I like my online habits thank you very much. Ok, so I guess this doesn't work if I'm content.

i'm talking to roveiza about Kangway. I mean kw. It is very interesting. Hmm. Yes, and he is much hotter than the guys on the Abercrombie and Fitch posters. Bleh. Especially if he goes with the whole, blood thing with the shirt off. Hott. Hahahaha. Well it's true. Yucky abercrombie guys. Anyhow, I am going to see LotR AGAIN with Emma and anyone else she invites. Yes, this is only the second time I will have seen it, but it's good anyway. I suppose I'm done here for now, I have been training myself to juggle more than I already knew, since you have to practice to keep it up, and I was upset by how much I had forgotten on the last day of school before witner break. Oh well. Tonight is our New Years Eve party thing, and that will be fun, of course Jono's family hanging out around here or something, maybe we can watch a video or something, and then run around and be stupid. Last year on New Years Eve we were online talking to kangway, and we had to go eat dinner, so it went:
Me: Food.
Kangway: Food?
Me: Yeah, bye.
That was so funny. We laughed forever. Hahahahaha. Well not quite forever or we would still be laughing now, and that would be a long time. Anyway, I guess I'll stop writing this now because you are obviously bored. OK. Bye. I mean, "food. food? yeah, bye."...

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