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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Today was another good day. Haha, this is really my week. Today I went to lunch during free period at the Union, and then I bought Kangway nail polish (and I got one for myself too) and came back and did some more stuff, drew some squiggles, listened to weezer, and drew more squiggles.

Nail polish is fun. So are various other gifts, such as the Squeeze-Me-Weezer-Guy (sings all Weezer songs too!) I was squeak me mo today in Bio and Ariana broke me so that I would not squeak.

I think that this telling the stuff that actually happened is confusing you more than my vagueness. Too bad for you. That was so kind. Just like me. Well I guess I don't have much more to say, since I say everything to Kangway. (ooh rhyme). Goodbye...

mo posted at 6:40 PM.