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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Today was a nice day. It was warm and rainy, which is good. I had a good 4th period and lunch, I got to sit with someone for a long time. I relearned how to juggle. And after school, I learned how to throw cards the right way. It was overall very peaceful and nice. However, now is the time of pressure. I have a bio paper, studying for a history essay, and a math test. It adds up. Ayashi no Ceres is a very addictive series. Me and Amirah talked about Tooya today ... his hair is really cool though....

I finally got a notebook for my Japanese phrases! It's so cool! Well not the notebook, but the fact that I have one. YAY. Now I can write stuff in SOME sort of order... Kinda. But hey, randomness is fun too. Now I must call Ariana to study for the history essay, but my mom is on the phone. That is badddddddd. Ok well I will kick her off the phone now and study. Bye.

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