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Monday, December 30, 2002

Wow I haven't posted in a long time, which is because I was in a different country. Yay. And I did have internet, but I only used it once because it was dialup and impossible to use without getting extremely frustrated. There I talked to Kangway for a long time on a cell phone, and now he's angry because it was expensive. That is not good. If only calls were cheaper. Anyway, I'm home, and Ariana was just hanging out at my house for the past 6 hours, and it was fun. We planned our Agora days class (kinda), and we watched the tmbg music videos, which are so incredibly strange/cool. I love linnell, he's so cool, and so is flansburgh, but not as ... strange. Here is a picture of linnel looking "evil"... hahha here we go. Anyway, yeah that is what I have been doing all day, really important stuff obviously.

I was reading everyone's blogs again, what I missed when I was gone, but everyone seems so unhappy and happy at the wrong times. Maybe I'm just weird (maybe??). But everyone was all pissed off all the time and then on Christmas they write "I can't be mad on Christmas for very long, it's so happy!" Hahahahahah stupid people. I was luckily out of the country on that horrible day, so I wasn't in huge amounts of pain. And all the other days, I'm ok. I think it's more efficient to hate specific stuff like Christmas and be fine with the rest of your life. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks their life is decent. Or the others sure hide it well. I was upset for a while, but now I'm really happy, and I think it makes up for it. However, whether you're happy or sad, it makes up for the opposite. If all your work pays off, it was worth it, and if you fail, your happiness was wrong. Well, whatever. I like stuff, and some people. Not too many, but in general they like me too. However, it does bother me that I can't see them more over winter break. Seeing Ariana today was cool, and I may end up seeing more people tomorrow, I'm not sure. I want to do more stuff before we have to go back to school in a week, because I can be free to do nothing and relax, whatever. Anyway, what else is there to say, not too much. No one's around, and I don't feel like calling. Don't have anyone to call either. So I guess I'm just sitting and writing. Hmm. I guess these things aren't too useful unless you're depressed or passionate about whatever. I guess I don't really fit into either category. However, on the plane, I did do a few mildly interesting things. One was I wrote a story about an aomushi (caterpillar) and weird stuff happened to it. The whole story was in Japanese, and I want to put it on the computer when Photoshop is installed. I also went through the manga "Ayashi no Ceres" and read it about 6 times over the past week (thanks to Amirah for letting me keep it over Winter Break) and I studied it for stylistic details. It was very difficult. I also wrote down every sound effect in the manga, and I think some of my favorites were "sqeem," "fomph," and "glomm." I also listened to lots of TMBG on the plane, and other music too, although that is not really related. Also, Ariana bought me earphones! I'm so happy! They're cool, too, and they love my ears... hehe. Unlike some people's. Anyway, they have great sound quality, and it is thoroughly amazing how much better they are than my old ones.

I suppose that's about all I have to say for now, I think I'll go back to reading other people's blogs, maybe I will get an idea or two. That is, if anyone has updated.

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