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Thursday, January 02, 2003

As usual, my day has been oh so enlightening, of course. Hahaha. Last night I didn't post again after I got home, but at 3:45 I went to see Lord of the Rings for the second time. It was really cool, again, of course, and going to movies with people is always fun. Iiaeaux, Tom, Hannah, and Emma were there, and afterwards Iiaeaux and I did Linnell impressions (yay). However, I did not go to see the pretty girl kiss Aragorn, I went for the battle scenes. Usually I don't care about battles, but in my opinion the ones in this movie were rediculously spiffy.

Anyway, what else have I been doing? Obviously not too much. I talked to Lucas on AIM for a whole hour last night, and it was really strange. He didn't even make fun of me too much. He is obviously VERY bored this winter break. I wish Kangway had been online though, because I felt that my problems were not properly vented. Oh well. Lucas will do. And now that he knows a bit of my troubles/stuff i would have told kangway, I suppose he could figure out some way to blackmail me. I don't think I really care too much about any of the stuff I told him. Quite a bit of it was about LotR, so yeah. It's Thursday already, there's only a few days left of winter break!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Although, I do get to see some people I haven't seen in too long when I go back, and especially Kangway, since he's coming back! YAY! Hahaha look he's in here again. We all gotta stampede him, right chicks?? Well the "KANGWAY'S SO HOTT!" thing will be great once again. Maybe I should make that a routine. I think KW will kill me if I do that. Hahahaha. THat's ok. He is hotter than the abercrombie guys. That doesn't say anything though.

Alright, it's later now, and I just had a conversation with lucas inspired by Iiaeaux ALOD, and it was very beautiful. It's about black lightning, like during the day, the sky would flash black for a second... here is the convo (I'm bananagenes, he's evilbeing27):

evilbeing27: um, that dosn't exist
bananagenes: but wouldn't it be cool if it did?
evilbeing27: no
bananagenes: why not?
evilbeing27: because, i mean why and how?
bananagenes: because, it's like a thunderstorm, only with big fluffy clouds and bright skies
bananagenes: and all that happens is the lightning
bananagenes: the world goes black for a moment
evilbeing27: um, how about not
bananagenes: why not
evilbeing27: because it is stupid
bananagenes: i see
bananagenes: and normal lightning is intelligent?
evilbeing27: more then dark lightnin yes
bananagenes: i think you are racist against black lightning
evilbeing27: what the fuck?

How enlightening. Or how en-lightning. OH MY GOD I JUST MADE A PUN, SOMEONE SHOOT ME!!!!!!!!! (and no i didn't mean that literally, for all of you who want to kill me).

mo posted at 12:27 PM.