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Friday, January 31, 2003

...nationstates, bridges, and Keanu Reeves...

I'm getting way too into this thing. I just sit there and look at people's nations. I have it set to the maximum amount of issues... well anyway, I do have somewhat of a life, at least this weekend depending on whether Jono calls back SOON or not. Hmm. Today was interesting. I guess they won't play music in the halls anymore, which is sad. I think they need that permanently. They played Naked, and KW was happy. YAY. I guess. Happier than usual. They also played Never Let You Go by Third Eye Blind, and so I showed him/Nobu/Peaches little bits of me and Jono's dance from that from about 2 years ago. I think he was scared. I can still do it though, it was fun. Maybe I will make Jono and me show people so we can embarrass ourselves. Wait.... we have a VIDEO of that somewhere... from like... College for Kids a while back. HAHAHAHA. I should watch that. They fucked up the special effects and they sucked, but whatever. I hope Nobu's not mad at me for changing my plans at the last minute. However, as he gets to know me, he will see that this is not really last minute at all when really we have a whole day to decide! 24 hours! This is much better than our Sunday afternoon "What should we do's" and calling angelina 10 times in a row to try to get her to do something! Also, it's nothing compared to Halloween. Remember that? I wonder if I wrote about that on here. Basically Angelina came over after school and we hung out and tried to meet up w/ the guys (Jono, Ito, and Belmont) who went trick-or-treating, and we ended up ordering a pizza from my house and Angelina's and hanging out at hers until 10ish, which was a decent time since we had school the next day, and watching THE HAUNTING. HAHAHAHAHAHA. That was great. Her screams go "Aaaaa." How exciting. And the guy who got his head knocked off, I can't remember his name, but he played the alternate evil/good model opposed to Ben Stiller in Zoolander. Zoolander was a cool movie. I like the part where they had the gasoline and were spraying it all over each other, and Ben Stiller goes over to look at a Newsweek or something with his name on it that says something about dumb models. He turns around, and sees his friends lighting a cigarette, and goes "NOOOOOOO!!!!!" and they all explode (except him)... Freak gasoline accidents. That's like what KW was trying to get me to do last weekend, run around C-U burning barns, with gasoline or something and setting it on fire, watching them burn. It was also about -20 degrees last weekend, so that wouldn't have been good. It was cold this week too, but I dont' really mind it so much as long as it's warm enough that my nostrils don't freeze. Pleasant images, no? It seems that in a few months it will get warmer again. I think it's funny how fast the last year has past. And how this year rocks way more than I thought it would. Haha. RAWK. Last year at this time I was... with Lucas... eww... well I guess I shouldn't say eww because I was obsessed with him then, and it's not really fair. He wasn't so stupid then. Regression! Or maybe I progressed. Well anyway, a year ago I was with him, just falling into all of that STUFF. Stuff is a good way to describe it. Haha. Stuff that lasted like 9 months or something. Anyhow, then the summer came, and that sucked. SUCKED. Until August. Then I had a social rejuvenation and had some sort of social outing almost every single day. Now THAT was sweet. I guess I'm gonna have to do the same thing this year, but more in June, because I will have to deal with the inevitability of Nobu going away and me being "alone". I guess it's not so bad really, because I know it is coming. Obviously it would anyway, because teen relationships end very fast anyway, but at least now I have a definite date. It really had helped speed things up too. I.E. not procrastinating because I have allllll the time in the world, like I did with Lucas. Obviously I didn't *ACTUALLY* have all the time in the world, but there was no set ending date. So I'm just kind of worrying about now for now, and hoping not to waste this semester too much with "should have"s. Actually what motivated me to do all of this junk is KW. I guess he didn't know it, but all the time he was in England dying over his lack of hottgirl I was wondering about this. Obviously not wondering very hard at the moment because I am listening to the Hampsterdance song on my iPod. However, I did think about it, and shaped my new life philosophy, which is a mix between "You only have one chance (probably, unless there is afterlife/reincarnation, which has not been scientifically proven as of now), so enjoy your life" and "Don't kill yourself doing something really dumb." So basically, party with caution. HAHAHAHA that sounded funny. I think that will be a good phrase. Party with caution. Like "caution, roads can be slippery when wet". That reminds me of my family's drives to FL. It scares me to go over bridges too. I seriously have a bridge fear. I thought I would have a fear of flying, but I was really ok. It was even fun in a way, since it was new. I just was out of balance for the rest of the day, but whatever. When we watched the video in bio about people's crazy phobias and obsessions, one of them was fear of bridges. I don't think that's crazy. THEY FREAK ME OUT. I had a nightmare once, and I had to drive over all these bridges to get where I had to go, and I had to keep going back and forth. The roads were REALLY narrow, and very very high off the ground, or maybe above some deadly liquid of some sort. Anyway I had to keep driving over this over and over and over and I got SOOOOOOOO SCARED. I think I went off a couple times, but being as this was a dream, there were not what I would call dire consequences. This reminds me somehow of the rugrats episode with the golf tournament between Stu and... Drew? Whatever his brother was named. And all the Rugrats had to get into the mountain of ice cream, which was really just a rigged golf obstacle. Eventually they did get real ice cream though, just like Napoleon did in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Everyone should watch that, it's so cool. Bonus: Keanu Reeves is in it, and everyone knows how unbelievably cool Keanu is... helloooo, MATRIX?!?! He has long hair in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and it looks rather good on him even though he's supposed to look like a stupid teenager. Which he does a really good job of playing. He reminds me of me and Jono. And of course, Bill too, I guess I could be Ted cuz I have longer hair than Jono does. But I love in the sequel, called Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, which is not quite as good but has some nice moments, especially when they are battling the Grim Reaper to get into Heaven to meet God. They play Battleship, Tic Tac Toe, Twister, and they always beat him. I guess that's what goof offs do, play board games. Anyway the best moment in that movie though was when they propose to their girlfriends. In the first movie, they had brought back some European princesses who were going to have to marry "ugly dudes" and these girls join the band. Each Bill and Ted have their girlfriends in the band now, and in the second movie it is time to propose. They buy these rings, the kind you can get at skateland or something like it if you get about 10 tickets. Basically plastic and maybe they light up or are really a stamp on the inside! Wow! Anyway Bill and Ted are kneeling next to their girlfriends, and they say, "Will you marry us?" That was the best line ever. So apparently we are going to have a movie get together (I don't know who.... well I have a good idea, but it's not in my control) tomorrow possibly and... it reminds me of the movie party where we watched Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. That was fun, I think it was me and Ito and Angelina and Jono and Kris and Deren. That was back when Angelina would really do stuff, and I don't know why she doesn't anymore. She seems upset, although when I'm upset hanging out with friends and FORGETTING about homework help me. That was when Ito met Deren. And the whole "Danielle" thing... where he pretended to be a girl that wad friends with Jono. Haha. Wow, I'm all blogged out. Jeez. I started talking about the music they were playing in the hallways and Third Eye Blind and obviously that ends up bieng ranting about Keanu Reeves.

I hope you aren't too exhausted from reading this. Hmmph. I think I will wait for Jono to come back and look into buying the book "Jennifer Government" which nationstates is based off of. It is apparently like 1984 + Matrix, which if done correctly could be extremely cool. I'm reading 1984 in english, I read it already but I want to read it again and think about it more. Dystopias are interesting, such as the Matrix. Keanu Reeves again. Maybe I should entitle this post "keanu" instead of nationstates. Hmm. I will change it anyhow.

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