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Sunday, January 12, 2003

...Tsunami Islands...

Everyone seems to be in a big mess over who they are supposed to be/actually are dating right now. It all seems pretty stupid. Funfun, heartbreaking and such. Not that I am in such a better situation or anything; it's all the same. But I think I know what I want. (And that's more than you can say). Heh.

My eyes hurt, I do not know why, and I smell something burning. Sqeem!?!

Alright done messing with the bar on the left, I think I've got it right now. Heh. I watched The Count of Monte Cristo last night, and it was good. My brother summed up the theme in this: "Victory is sweet, but revenge is SWEETER!" Hehehehe. I love that. Revenge is so fun. It makes me warm and fuzzy and evil inside. I counted up the weeks this morning, and it seems that there are 19 left. That's not enough. That's 133 days. Each one goes by so quickly with something missed. Oh dear, whatever shall I do?

I have a history test tomorrow, and I have not been able to motivate myself to study this weekend. I typed up all the Ids, and I looked over the flowcharts this morning, but I still don't know it. I can tell when it's there, and it's not. However, I don't have too much time today. Obviously I have been wasting my morning with blogging and such, and in the afternoon I have orchestra. Well, that's not for another 5 hours, in which I will eat two meals and take a shower. That doesn't leave so much time either. And I have the feeling one or more people will call upon me for help/boredom/confusedness. That's how it always is, so one must learn to plan ahead. Somewhat. Spontaneity is quite valuable too, but not really in this case.

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