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Monday, January 13, 2003

...magnifying glass...

I have recurring emotions, it's so cool and frightening at the same time. I got kicked off the phone after 1/2 hour. Jeez. What is my life coming to? People are obviously pissed at me for unknown reasons.

Again the obsession of everyone with this stupid dance. I don't think it even matters. If you're that insecure, go with a friend, or an acquaintance. It doesn't really matter, especially if you don't even know who you want to go with, as much of the class I think is having such an issue. Or maybe they are all torn for some reason. Who knows. It seems that with only about 2 formals a year people decide that this is what their reputation is resting on or something. No one will remember anyway.

Today was a relatively good day. This semester, Nobu is in a bunch of my classes, because he changed his schedule. I cannot tell if this was accidental or on purpose, or perhaps a combination of the two. It was strange, but I am sure I will adapt. I am good at such things. You know what is fun? Spite. Especially when it involves spiting someone by being happy. It brings me double joy. The fact that I'm happy, and that I am making someone else miserable... hahahaha sadism. I love it. Kinda. It's fun to some extent. HEHEHE. Evil evil mo. You know what sucks though? When someone spites YOU by being happy. That game can be played by more than one... it's a miserable feeling, as if you have just done your worst on them and they are gleefully basking in the glow of life. Well, there's only one thing to do then. Beat them. Be happier. It can turn into quite a fun game, especially when you are TRULY happy and not just "making them jealous." I like such things.

I started a Keep Kangway's Hair Petition, so that he might not cut his hair. I need more signatures. I don't think it will stop him, but yeah. I don't want his hair to go away. It's pretty. He has the prettiest hair, and he is going to cut it. No matter that it is so nice that girls are insecure of their own hair.

Can you control the people that "fall for" you? Either I am quite unattractive or I have a special way. Maybe if you don't act nice to anyone until they get close to you. Maybe if you don't let someone get close to you unless you approve of them. Maybe you don't approve of them unless they come to you. Then no one you disapprove of will have a chance of liking you. You will never have to deal with breaking someone's heart because you do'nt feel the same way. Or maybe, I'm just not someone many people would like in the first place. Plus, it takes effort to be nice to everyone. Put that effort to the people you really think deserve it.

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