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Friday, January 17, 2003


Yes, EVO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I find that hilarious. I actually had no idea what the fuck it was until today. We saw Jake there and he wouldn't talk to us. Subbies not associating with us! Well I guess we're just not cool enough for them video game geeks.

Today was great fun, I needed it to maintain my sanity. Haha. Alright, I got some pics developed, some from Turkey, and a bunch from school. Here they are in order:

-Angelina holding the alien cookie!
-Angelina and Kangway opening the door that says "Keep this door closed at all times"
-Nobu and I (note the good grammar) sitting on the wall as usual
-Michael with Oranges in his eyes, mouth
-Iiaeaux with the magical Clementine
-Tomek's crotch...
-Me and Nobu again
-Silhouettes of Maciek and Nobu against the stairwells
-Mo and the troll hair (we look the same! Only the troll is naked, and I'm not, sorry for all of you who wanted to see that)
-Iiaeaux and Maciek in the store in the Union
-Angelina in the snow!
-Matt with George in headlock

That was exciting. I posted stuff about our wanderingness in the other blog already (it seems that whichever I post to first gets the meat of my thoughts). It is good. Anyway, we had fun going places, and stuff... we went to record service (I still need to get more earphones before tomorrow at 5), and then we ate, and then.... Follet's... and we got: THE BEAST. It's like this HUGE candy bar, like a foot long, since they apparently couldn't come up with a bigger name than "Super King Size" they say "BEAST." I find this hilarious because of the size (you could knock someone out wtih that thing, or feed the continent of africa for several weeks with it) and the fact that you can make SO many perverted jokes with it. A few of the following we made:

-"Want to see my BEAST?" "No, I have my own..."
-"Can YOU handle my beast?"
-"Watch out or I'll break your BEAST"

Just to name a few. Now anyway, it's not that NOTHING remotely serious happened, we talked about recurring dreams a lot. Dreams are fun. Hehe. Well, I"m out now, that's it, byeeeeee.

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