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Saturday, January 18, 2003

...why would you destroy someone as beautiful as yourself...

I just got back from Stephen's party. It was nice, we ate food, cake, drank soda, and watched movies. Office Space was very funny, and right afterwards we started watching The Matrix (though only got to the part where he goes to see the oracle). We saw all the simlarities in the two, and it was ridiculously funny. Like when Neo's boss is telling him that if one person has a problem then the company has a problem, the whole "Is it good for the COMPANY" thing. Hahaha. Also, the whole running from the agents thing, EXACTLY the same. Only in office space he was trying to get out of working on the weekend. Anyway I have no more time, the end.

bananagenes: oh so you're saying i'm stupid
evilbeing27: no
evilbeing27: i am saying you are potetic

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