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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

...your mind makes it real...

I'm not in a bloggy mood today, although it's a moderately good one. I also have a headache. I have KW's CDs, he has my iPod. He pretended that he dropped it out the window.

I was talking about morals and guilt with ariana, it got confusing. I had a good little convo about depression with Kangway, and I have to say this is the first conversation about depression I ever had uncontrollable giggling in. We were talking about the physical pain that accompanies depression. And here is the convo:

bananagenes: depression is physcially painful
bananagenes: it sucks dude
Altron GuyL5: yep
Altron GuyL5: sure mo sure
bananagenes: it is!
Altron GuyL5: it's not physically painful
bananagenes: it is
Altron GuyL5: or i guess your arms and stuff just feel really fucked up
bananagenes: well not painful
bananagenes: but like weird
Altron GuyL5: yeah
Altron GuyL5: it's like pain
Altron GuyL5: but not REAL pain
bananagenes: like my stomach feels all funny, or maybe it's a different organ
Altron GuyL5: but your mind makes it kinda real
bananagenes: yes!
Altron GuyL5: hahahaa
bananagenes: matrix quote!
bananagenes: Your mind makes it real

HAHAHAHA. OK also, a good KW quote, is this: "Mo, I kinda dropped your iPod out of the window." Heh. If he really did, then I would be pissed... but yeah. I am worried, not depressed. Hmm. Yeah. Kangway has the iPod, I will get it tomorrow. I hope. I have been listening to his CDs. Yep. What should I write my speech about? No ideas.

I think that I have a few more good quotes from history:

Mr. Vaughn: You will turn in your homework at the end of class.
Alejandra: Why?
Mr. Vaughn: Because I said so.

"Just because a law is a law doesn't mean it's legal."
--Mr. Vaughn

Mr. Vaughn: At some point everyone needed a Celtic slave.
Amirah: It's like Beanie Babies!

Yep that's all for now, I'm gonna go.

mo posted at 9:09 PM.