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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

...I'm better than Sergei...

Iiaeaux says that I'm better than Sergei, woohoo. Heh. Yay good for me. Today was good, it was very good. I thought it would suck again but it didn't. Nobu was quite happy, and I still have no fucking idea what happened, why it started, or why it's over. I'm just hoping that it is, because that would be very good. He laughed a lot. I missed the Cane Toad movie so I could hang out with him during 4th period. We ate clementines. Mine was pretty bad but I ate it anyway so we could make an inside out orange. Then he threw it at Nathan, and it was good. We were talking about fights to the death. Nobu vs. Nathan. Michael vs. Nathan. Al Renner vs. Julie. This was based off the scary sophomore guys fighting each other to the death and betting. Well, I think it sounds fun. Japanese class sucked, and I think Nobu understood everything we were saying anyway, he just really has no answers. I wish we had had normal Japanese, because it would have been better. Stupid bonding exercises, grrr... i don't want to fucking bond with you. No, not you, you wonderful reader you, I love you. Maybe. Actually probably not, but that's ok. Anyway, the rest of the day was good, and after school I had some Peanut M&Ms. I like M&Ms of all kinds. Angelina described to me today about my problem with Disney Prince Charmings. They don't have any asians. Except for in Mulan. Mulan was pretty good, one of the best Disney movies. No asians. I love asians. Yes, I discriminate against other races. They're much better. I don't think that cartoon characters are hott either. I guess manga/anime are technically cartoons though. I am running into problems. AS USUAL. Hmm.

The dance is on Saturday, and look everyone is either wanting it or dreading it. I don't really care. I guess I'll go, and I hope I can get Nobu to go. If he's really non-sad anymore, then I think I will be able to. If it weren't a dance, it would be much better. Especially because I hate dressing up. No skirt for Mo. Skirts suck. I personally like pants. Pants pants pants. Anyway, yeah, I asked other people about their depression feelings (like about yesterday's post) and everyone I talked to said that it's their stomach except for KW. I asked Angelina, she said stomach. So does Iiaeaux, and me. I also asked Nobu, hoping that he would understand, which he did, because he answered my question with "stomach." That makes me think about how much he really understands. I think that it's more than he lets on. He's just one of those observant people who absorbs but does not respond. I have days like that.

It was cold today. COLD. Really fucking cold. I hate this weather. I listened to "What A Scene" by the Goo Goo Dolls last night. It reminded me of warm or hot weather. I listened to it a lot on the field trip last year to some wildlife place in a town about an hour away. Lucas got pissed because I sang the part that goes "na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na" over and over and over. Well, I found it fun. Also I listened to it when I ran the mile at the end of the year last year, with Kangway's mp3 player. I guess i only could have listened to it like twice since it only took me 8 minutes to run it and it's about a 4 minute song. Anyway, that reminds me, that KW forgot my iPod at home today. It was really funny when he saw me, he was like "FUCK! FUCK! THAT'S WHAT I FORGOT!" I will forgive him, because he seemed upset. Yeah. Anyway, I hope he brings it tomorrow.

Iiaeaux is telling me how she used to be crazy. We talked about the Funk's Grove trip and the day before it last year. It was the half day that we were lectured for 4 hours. It was the most boring day of my life. I can't believe I lived. I drew cartoons about mussels in the Mississippi River (that they were lecturing about) and the "Hand of Doom" and stuff. I think that was the beginning of my morbid sense of humor.

I decided on a Japanese speech topic. It was from my trip to Turkey this winter break. When I was in a mall there, I realized that I had wanted some tape on the plane for something, but I didn't remember what. My dad asks me and I said, "I have no idea why I bought that tape." And I still don't know why I bought that tape, but I have it. My mom told me that she hopes this translates better into Japanese. I think it will. Sensei sounded like she thought it was a good idea. But sensei is just incredibly nice. Maybe she was super happy that it didn't involve death, destruction, or eating children, along with other fun morbid topics.

I have two quotes:

Ariana: I need to get a life.
Mo: Yeah.

"I don't think I could eat my own hand, but I kind of just did."

mo posted at 6:25 PM.