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Thursday, January 23, 2003

...another good day...

Yes, self explanatory. Nobu has a crazy insane weird thing with not letting me be to the left of him. It's quite strange. He will push me out of the way wherever we are walking so that he can be on the left. I don't know what the meaning of this is. He has been quite happy recently. I said to Iiaeaux that I won't go with her to buy the BEAST unless I can get him to, and she said "You're obsessed, Mo." I don't think that she should be talking. Ha. 1 day, barely. I went for like... 2 months, maybe more, at the beginning. Anyway, I want bubble wrap. I started outlining my Japanese speech today. It was quite interesting. My turkish tape. We heard Nobu talk in Japanese, fast, and LOUDLY. He didn't mumble! One of the first times. I realized that I didn't actually know what his voice sounded like. Which is a very important part of most people. Oh well. It was scary. I see that my blog is being slowly more and more filled up with stuff about him. My excuse is that the majority of my free time during the day is spent with him. And doing the things like making inside out orange peels. Maybe we will have bubble wrap tomorrow.

They Might Be Giants CDs kill my computer. I was trying to figure out why by asking Lucas, and he was being helpful, although I couldn't interpret his help at all, so it was rather pointless. He was somewhat nice, until the "incompetent hardware geeks" line. Whatever. I love the song "Never You Mind" by Semisonic. I am liking them more and more every song I listen to. And that's adding up considering how many times I listen to Closing Time.

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