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Friday, January 24, 2003

...i wish i was like you -- easily amused...

Today was good, and during 4th period me and Iiaeaux and Tess and Jono and Nobu went on campus and bought a BEAST and food for Jono. Nevermind the fact that you supposedly can get frostbite after 10 minutes outside. Whatever. My fingers seem to be functioning properly, and my face, which were the only two exposed places. We came back, and neglected to go to class meetings (yay). Apparently our class cheer is a stupid thing that has something to do with our class being better than other classes. The whole idea pisses me off. I'm not necessarily against class unity, it's just that showing school spirit makes me want to puke. Maybe I will skip the assembly on Monday. I don't know how long it lasts though, so working out the timing would be tricky. All I know is that I am definitely getting a mommy note for fitness next week. Today we had to run 32 laps or 22 minutes, and it was hell. I went for 22 minutes, because if I was gonna do the other I would have had to try. And we know I don't do that. I did get a bit sweaty, which is what I was trying to avoid. Is it really healthy for someone to run around a track like a little hampster for half an hour, get really hot and sweaty, and then go outside into 10 degree below zero weather? I don't think so. I just know I refuse to do it next week.

We worked on outlines for our Japanese speech today. Mine's not going very well. I think it's because I can barely explain the story in English. However, I asked sensei how to say things, and then I showed Nobu, and he said that it doesn't make sense. Then I asked him to translate it to English (what I had written) and he told me almost exactly the same sentence that I had asked sensei to put into Japanese. So the conclusion is that I don't make sense, not my Japanese. Today during history we watched a video about Istanbul/Constantinople/Byzantium. I was probably the only person in my class who had actually been to any of those places. Actually, I had been in most of the ones in Istanbul. Most of the ones that were in it were really touristy places, so there would be strange people, like the guy who hosted the video, there. There were also long lines to get into places like Topkapi Palace and Aya Sofia. Neither were mentioned in the video, but they did show Aya Sofia quite a bit in the overhead scenes of the city. It was next to the Blue Mosque too, which is still used. Wow, I'm ranting about this a lot though. It was nice, that trip. I think the best things were the Basilica Cistern, which looks like this and the Rumeli Hisar which I went in about 2 days after having seen Lord of the Rings. Yepyep. It was definitely resemblant of Helm's Deep... except that this castle does not have very much of it indoors. Apparently it was built in only 4 months. This looks to me completely impossible, especially since my HOUSE took way more than 4 months to build, and well... a castle built in 1452... it's ridiculous.

Anyway, I have been rambling for a while. Maybe it's time to stop. Maybe not. No one's online, I bet they're all having a life. I think I may have properly convinced Nobu to go to the dance tomorrow. I guess it all comes down to whether he will be there tomorrow. He did actually talk today, he was trying to explain something to me, and then people came over and joined the conversation, and he wouldn't say anything anymore. It was sad. Still no one believes he ever says anything. Well, I guess it's good that he will talk to me. I think that now it is time to go because... because... I'm sick of blogging. Ha. Good excuse.

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