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Saturday, January 25, 2003

...spiffiricious pants...

Which is what i will wear to the dance. Ha. Formal. Too bad.

Here is a good convo between me and Jono. We went to Follet's and that's where the references to asking Nobu questions are from...

supakwak2: like nobu
supakwak2: and
supakwak2: you were like
bananagenes: haha
supakwak2: how old are you
bananagenes: hahaha
supakwak2: and
bananagenes: "i don't know"
supakwak2: he was like
supakwak2: i dunno
bananagenes: yeah!
supakwak2: lol
supakwak2: and
supakwak2: you were like
bananagenes: he knows what you're asking, too
supakwak2: yes you do!
supakwak2: and he was like
supakwak2: no
bananagenes: hahahahaha
bananagenes: he was saying something to me after school
bananagenes: he was explaining something
bananagenes: except then people came and he wouldn't talk
supakwak2: i like a person who can tell mo that she's wrong
supakwak2: cuz i can't
bananagenes: hahahahahahaha
supakwak2: oh
supakwak2: lol
supakwak2: yes, mo the people
supakwak2: what's nobu's sn?
bananagenes: 21:09:26) Altron GuyL5: mo, you're WRONG
bananagenes: he doesn't have an sn, sadly
supakwak2: i thought he did
supakwak2: whoa
bananagenes: what
supakwak2: i admire kanway
bananagenes: haha
supakwak2: hey mo
bananagenes: yeah?
bananagenes: ?
supakwak2: you're
supakwak2: wwww...
supakwak2: wrrooo...
supakwak2: w
supakwak2: AH
supakwak2: I CAN"T DO IT
supakwak2: YOU'LL HURT ME!!!
bananagenes: yes, i will
supakwak2: *mo:damn straight*

mo posted at 5:46 PM.