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Sunday, January 26, 2003

...swing swing swing...

Last night was the dance... yay! It was good! People were nice. Most people liked my "formal" outfit. And the people who complained I think were just jealous. Hehe. They were stuck in dresses. Sensei was there, which was good, I guess. Nobu said something to her at some point and he had to say it fairly loudly, and so people heard him talk. It was in Japanese but whatever. Jono and Tomek and I were talking to him in strange forms of Japanese that didn't really work, but it was fun anyway. The makeout corner has weird vibes, therefore there was no making out there. It has vibes more like kill-someone-and-hide-the-body vibes. Maybe some people find that romantic, although that's not me. For me, it's bubble wrap :D

The dance... uh... there's not so much more to say that anyone cares about. They played Iris and that was good and yeah... "yeah you bleed just to know you're alive"... I really like that. Before the dance Jono came over to hang out and we made fake samurai movies, which were beyond stupid. It was really fun. My dad was in the car when my mom was driving me and Jono to the dance, and it was pretty funny. Most parents say "have a good time, kids" or something like that, but my dad was ranting on about how we should not have fun because the US is going to attack Iraq and instead we should make a dance into a protest. Yeah sure. My mom's like "they can't do that, because with their outfits they are already commiting SOCIAL SUICIDE." Hahhahahahahhahaha. Like anyone gave a damn. It was very comfortable. A quote from the dance:

Iiaeaux: It's pink!
Someone: It's blue!
Betsy: It's my mommy!

Yeah, I don't know what that was. I found some quotes I wrote when Jono was here, so obviously they were very random:

"Aww man I only hit the Atlantic Ocean, let me try again!"

"Sweet it's a gun, sweet it's Helms Deep, does the fish have a tumor?"

Wow, that was eventful. No one's around cuz it's 9 and everyone's still asleep except for Mo who is hyperly listening to strange 80's songs. Kangway's alive now though. WHEEEEEEEE. Byeeeee.

Alright it's later... I have some questions:

What do you do when someone lets you down? They say you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket. Does it work the same way with being nice to people? Maybe they can't tell when you're being the best friend you can, and then they turn their back on you. Maybe they don't know how much it hurts. Maybe it's ok as long as you don't let the anger build up inside you to the point where you can no longer give them anything as fear of rejection. What do you do with your rejections? You can't help yourself from taking something too hard. It's just not possible. You can only tell your mind that nothing is really wrong. And it makes me think. If rejections are this horrible over the internet, what about in real life? Have I ever really been rejected in real life? Or maybe the cold darkness of the cyberworld intensifies the pain. It's like a robot saying "I don't care, forget about it." And the human you is shot.

I've got more. And it relates to the title of this entry. We had an anti-superbowl gettogether, which was fun, and Jono was like "Ow, my groin! Do it again!" We were "flexible" according to KW. We watched Moulin Rouge and then we called 1071 and had long discussions wtih them about how they must / will never play Avril Lavigne, and it was fun. Then we requested "Swing Swing" for Angelina, and when I got home, about an hour later, they played it. They said "Angelina, I hope you're a raider's fan" because of the superbowl. Of course we requested this at an anti-superbowl party. Wow, they know us so well. Angelina and KW's asianness completely slaughtered me and Jono's caucasianness. We suck.

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