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Monday, January 27, 2003

...a broken iPod...

Yes, my iPod was dead again. No clue what happened. I notice that it tends to die after KW gets to use it. It's ok, I'm not mad at him or anything, I just would like a reliable mp3 player. Anyway, I usually figure out the problem, which tends to involve battery uncharging. But today he said it died right when the hallways started playing Weezer (Buddy Holly!). Haha, my iPod hates Weezer, which it has on it. Yay. Anyway it still played music then, but you couldn't adjust the volume at all, which was kind of annoying, since it was set really soft. Anyway, I took it home and plugged it in, and left it there for an hour while I went to my cello lesson. I came, back and nothing happened. I reset the iPod, and it's charging now, and I hope it will be ok. Anyway, it's alright, everything will be fine.

Kris thinks it's fun to tease me and Nobu, but I don't mind it so much. At least it means some people notice my existence. Now I'm on the phone with Iiaeaux. It's fun. This morning was the Spirit Week assembly, which totally sucked. Nobu and Iiaeaux and I went to the stairs, back away from the noise and my class. It was really stupid, and I didn't want to hear/see anyone's stupid cheer so I just turned my iPod's volume up a lot so that i couldn't hear the school screaming, and sank down next to Nobu, who probably had no idea what was going on, which is just as well. I got him to say "I am magical" to Angelina today, and I think it was amusing. Yay. I should do homework now, but I don't know what I have... let's see... I don't have to do bio until tomorrow, history I have an essay, eww, uh... I don't think I have anything else. Somehow I get it so that I rarely have homework on weekdays.

Hmm.... what else can I rant about. Kangway and Nathan painted their fingernails black today, for our class color. It was very nice, I think black nail polish just looks cool in general. Guys or girls, it just looks nice. People wearing black also made me happy. Yesh. Tomorrow I have to be a John with Iiaeaux, except we might not do the hair thing. I will have to wear my dark-ish pants, which are not very comfortable, but my other jeans are very light.

Sensei yelled at me for writing on the desk in Nihongo class... no wait, that's what I have to work on, my Japanese speech, cuz the first draft is due tomorrow at the end of class. NOT good. Considering i don't know how to say much in Japanese. Turning Japanese I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so. Taking Japanese. Learning Japanese. Swing Swing. Somehow I think that "Swing Swing" is going to become a theme song for this year for me. I just feel it. Iris might, although 7th grade has already claimed that one. I like it. Swing swing swing in the tangles of my heart is crushed by a former love... yes, it's cool. I guess I will be sad in 4 months anyway. I'm hoping I will get through the summer ok, but I'll just try to worry about now at the moment. Health class is a good time to think. It's during 7th hour, so not much more is going to happen during the day. I also get a bit sleepy, although not as sleepy during 5th, which I almost fell asleep during today. It would be bad, but really, Ms. Plisch ranting about stuff I already know does not keep me awake. Anyway, also we have lots of nice handouts to doodle/write thoughts on, and we don't really do much in that class. So I think of stuff, and yeah, sometimes I get some emotional urges that start in the stomach and last 1-3 seconds.

Well I have ranted myself awhile now, I guess I'm done.

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