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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

...dead again...

Yeah, it broke again, it's fine again. WHatever. Anyway short post cuz i just took a shower and I need to dry my hair before i get screamed at. Anyway, today was good, generally speaking, although there was a hint of sadness at the end. I hope he's ok tomorrow. If not, then ... oh boy because i dont' know what made it better last time. Anyway, fitness was awful, most classes were decent, and we had prosthetic foreheads. They itch, but Mr. Vaughn says I have to wear mine all week in his class. Yay. I hope things are ok. I listened to Nobu's weird Japanese pop music today during Nihongo. It was strange. I don't mind it so much, it's way better than american pop music, but I still have to say I like my stuff better. With really loud volume. Except then I get yelled at cuz other people can hear it. grr. I'm wearing Ito's pants for drag day (I HOPE) and my Ladies Man shirt. Alright, that's it, time to dry hair and be happy that I'm finally done with my history essay.

mo posted at 9:08 PM.