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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

...or am i origami?...

I like how they have music in the halls this week. It's pleasant. Apparently he's ok, and I was wrong. Chaching! I love that. We went to Deralds today, and it was cold, and Peaches almost died. Haha. I mean, it was sad. *cough*... Pinky pinky purple purple. HA. HHEHEEHEHHE I am feeling quite wacky. I wrote more Japanese today, it was interesting. OK here's the deal: tomorrow is drag day. YES! BOY CLOTHES! I borrowed pants from Jono even though I told Ito to bring some, he forgot and Jono didn't. And Angelina had KW's pants, but they were waaaaaaaaay too big, and Jono's closer to her size, so we switched. And I am wearing KW's pants and they are so comfortable. Next time I go the mall... Gap guys section. He also convinced me not to do a tie, because Avril has ruined the whole girl tie thing. I have to say this is true. Anyway, Nathan and Nobu and I were talking, and eventually I started dying of laughter and I fell on the floor. That was smoooooth of me :) I'm listening to my iPod which is in KW's pants that are on me. YAY. PANTS. HAHAHA. I think we had some recent good quotes from KW too:

"bastard is such a left handed word" --KW

"but they just dont have that greenday "crunch"" -- Ito

"but fucking is nicer than tear"--KW

" hwo the fuck do i prove that a fucking trapezoid don't fucking have diagonals that fuck eachother in two?" --KW

supakwak2: nobu should've worn an otokomono, but nooooooo, he wore jeans, and a nike t-shirt
supakwak2: did he come from nike?
supakwak2: was he some sort of genetic experiment by nike?!
supakwak2: it's interesting how he always wears the same nikeness
supakwak2: it's funny
supakwak2: i'm odd
supakwak2: *slap*

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