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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

I didn't post yesterday, I was lazy. Anyway, today Kangway got back (ooh, finding his way into my blog again) and he was definitely the most popular guy in the entire school. Our small school obviously goes for the newness. At the beginning of the year, Tom was incredibly popular. As well as everyone instantly knowing you when you're new. I guess that's why the subbies are so special. We gave Kangway the stuff, I think he liked it, which is good. It makes me feel accomplished. As well as a minute amount of stuff that happened after school because I was only there for like 20 seconds. Anyway, also, Batia mentioned my blog today during Nihongo class (Hi Batia!) Wow, I have a fan. She said something about people I would miss, and I had no idea what she was talking about, but I looked at my posts and I know now. I was actually referring to non-seniors, which the 2 include Nobu, because obviously he's leaving, and I don't know whether the other person wants me to say his/her name. If anyone else that I would miss is leaving, I haven't heard about it yet. So yeah. I actually will miss some of the seniors though. Of course jishou senpai, because I won't get any more answers from him (haha) and I know a few others.

Since I didn't post yesterday, I didn't have time to adequately comment on Mullet Man -- the coolest superhero ever. Hahahaha. Or the most frightening. We think he should just wear a cap, and then pull it off, and all evil will perish at the sight of his hideous hair. HAHAHA. Well anyway. Today in the kitchen for Nihongo, Lucas came in after he had PE, and Nathan was like "Lucas, I heard you were perverted!" I don't know why I find that so funny. But I do. I think it's hilarious. Anyway alright, I know I had something else to say. Um... it's good to be back at school because i can see people again and not be bored? No, that definitely wasn't it.

I was looking for nail polish remover for KW and I didn't find it but I found bright red nail polish and so now my nails are very red. Good news: Ariana found the manga!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! More good news: I remember what I was going to say: I love the conversation. Which exists THANKS TO ARIANA!!! WOO!! CREDIT!!! Here it is: Legolas, coming into my room in the middle of the night, aiming a bow and arrow at me until I wake up, and then: kissing, but of course as a great friend, I remember that Angelina is more in love with him than I am, so I say: go *kiss* to *kiss* iron *kiss* wood *kiss*... but *kiss* be *kiss* back *kiss* in *kiss* 20 *kiss* minutes *kiss* ... hahahaha. Of course I would make him come back. Not quite. But whatever. Send him to my friend. Yes. Well, I have worn out the funness of today except for a few quotes:

"I'm the new kind of girl... the MALE kind."

"Maciek, could you like turn up the quality or something?"

supakwak2: julie is scary.
supakwak2: :(
bananagenes: she is.
supakwak2: her face is like >:o

the end!

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