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Friday, January 03, 2003

I went to Iiaeaux's house today, and Peaches was there for a while, and we played Mao and did stupid card tricks. It was fun. Yayness. Then Peaches left, and we watched like 5 minutes of Amelie and it was cool but then we stopped and it was sad but I dealt with it. Anyway then we ate ice cream and stuff and my teeth still hurt from the braces. Now I'm sitting here and I finished all my flowcharts, what a geek I am. This is really gonna be short but that's ok. I got some good email, and informative ones too. I think I am a little bit looking forward to going to school, just to see everyone again. It's a good day, yeah yeah yeah, and I have to go eat dinner now. Maybe I"ll say more later.

Alright it's later, and I'm not gonna say much more now, except what I do say. I have Ana Ng stuck in my head. Once I get my iPod, I can put every TMBG song that ever existed. Yay! Or maybe not all of them, because some of them I don't like much. EEEEEEEEEEF. Time to say byebye. Say byebye. Ana ng! They're getting older and still haven't walked in each other's prescence.

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