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Sunday, January 05, 2003

Pink triangle is good. "Everyone's a little queer, why can't she be a little straight" or something like that. Good lyric. Bored. I think I should be like Ariana and make up They Might Be Giants anagrams... let's see:

thy beam sight tinge (this makes no sense, but it works kinda i hope)
steam high gin betty (ok, I'm tired of this, it's difficult)

Well, now that I find how weird these things are, and they hurt my brain... I'm obviously not someone who is good with words. Heh. Anyway, people say they can't keep up with my blog (just Ariana)... well I guess that's ok because I get upset because of the people who rarely update theirs. However, their updates are probably more meaningful than mine. Anyway, on Friday at Iiaeaux's house we ate really disgusting chocolates, and they were horrible, but we ate them anyway. The ice cream was nice though. I don't know why I'm saying this now. Anyway... we're going back to school tomorrow. I have failed to find a poem for English, which I was going to try to do over winter break. I don't know any good ones. If someone has a spare, then please tell me. Also, school again. It's weird to think that the year is half over. I guess most people don't like school at all, but I like seeing the people I know, and it's strange to think that I've already been at this school for a year and a half. I'm still not used to being in my grade, it seems so strange. I, like Roveiza, miss being a subbie, although not quite as much as she does. I like some of the subbies this year, not too many though, but I liked being the youngest class. Already half a year gone. It makes me really dread summer. By summer, either one or two people I really like will be done with our school forever... I think I'll just enjoy it while I can, see everyone as much as possible, and try not to sink in the homework. It hasn't been difficult so far, in fact the work has been pretty simple. The tests are really hard, at least in Bio and History, but as long as I cram for a long time the night before I do well, and even that can be turned into a social event... I think I should just not fade away, like I did last year. However, that is better advice for summer. Now we're back to the summer thing... ugh. Anyway, it's winter now, not summer. winter winter winter. Plus, we'll probably all be dead by summer anyway (wow, that's reassuring). So, in my "new" philosophy about enjoying myself while I'm not dead yet, I think I will start right now. But first, I have to ... write those thank you notes. I suppose in the fear of world destruction, you still have to be polite.

I found another anagram for They Might Be Giants: Beg Teams Thin Ight. If only ight were a word.

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