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Thursday, January 16, 2003

raw chicken

Today many fun fun things happen. That balance out the fact that Nobu was still depressed for unknown reasons and if it goes on much longer I think we are all going to explode. Or mabye just me. But Batia seems rather concerned too.

Fun thing 1: Bio. We watched the Cane Toad video. It was the coolest documentary ever. Cane Toads... very exciting. I like the guy with the goldfish, and the one with the cane toads who killed his cat. 50 minutes of hilariousness... yes. I will not describe more the joys of this video.

Fun thing 2: The Raw Chicken. For some reason unknown to us, it was apparently educational to dissect raw chicken wings. I was at a table with Ariana (my dissection partner) and then Robbie and Cameron. This was right after seeing Nobu practically getting kicked out of art for 10 minutes, what the hell was that about? I assume it was because he was upset and the art teacher only wants to see bright happy people. Something's up with him, but no one knows what. Anyway I was a little upset by that sight, so going into the Bio room I was not completely thrilled. However, a few interesting things happened. First of all, I kept making comments about the wing, and which direction to cut the skin off. I made references to the chicken "elbow," "wrist," and "shoulder," I think. And then, Robbie threw a piece of the raw chicken fat onto my lab paper. For some reason, I found this, although obviously obnoxious, also very amusing. It was just kind of funny.... I think I just have lots of nervous energy stored up, but it was cool. I threw the chicken back at him (duh) but aimed it toward the dissection pan (though adequately frightening him that I would throw it at his face or something). Heh. Raw chicken is just funny.

Funny Thing 3: Nathan conversation. This is very short. Nathan likes to talk to me for some reason, but I accept this, and am even slightly greatful, because no one else seems to want to talk to me. He's really not as bad as people say. Don't debate with me on that, it's not my problem what you think. Anyway, so he was talking to me, and I find it fun to provide new and good answers, and so the conversation went something like this:
Nathan: Ooh you have cool stuff in your cow. Do you have any sex toys?
Mo: Not with me.
Nathan: Not WITH you? You mean you have some at home?
Mo: Of course, doesn't everyone?
Nathan: Do you use them a lot?
Mo: Every day.
Nathan: Do you enjoy it?
Mo: No.

Hahahaha.. OK Fun Thing 4: What Batia Said After School. She was disturbed by the unhappiness of Nobu, so yeah, she said that we should try to include him more, and then she said, "Let's do something language neutral, for instance, Scrabble, NOT a good idea." That was so hilarioussss.

Alright I'm done with my funness for now, I know you want more, but only so many things happen to me every day. There is one more though: MY iPod WORKS AGAIN! CHACHING. Just needed more batteries. Joys of fixing simple problems.

mo posted at 7:24 PM.