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Thursday, January 09, 2003

Today we have had a good quote:

Maciek: How did we do?
Mr. Vaughn: I'm glad there's no draft because I don't think you would make very good soldiers"

I don't have much time, but anyway. I had a really screwed up day today because I was so pissed after fitness. However, I was comforted after a bit of cooling down and stuff, so I lived. That was until lunch, and then I was good, of course, funness.

I let Kangway borrow my earphones a lot today, perhaps more than I myself have used them. This does not bother me, I like Kangway, and I trust him with my stuff. However, he told me some terribly sad news this evening. He is going to cut his hair when track season starts in two weeks. Back to short. This cuts deep :( I love his hair. It is so beautiful. It is very depressing that he shall cut it. He has the most beautiful hair ever, and he is going to make it short. I do not lie when I say it is hott. It actually is. I am sad.

However, I think I will recover, because lots of stuff is going good in my life too. I don't have time to discuss that though. We talked about supernatural stuff in English class today. I don't believe in much of it, but shadow people scare the hell out of me. Just the idea of them. I don't care whether they really exist.

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