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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Alright this is all messed up and this got deleted... this is my Sunday's post:

...Science, science, Bill really knows science...

That kind of sums up my childhood in a phrase. Those good Bill Nye days. Hahaha. I was reminded of that by hanging at Jono's house yesterday and how most stuff is the same. Only now we can make perverted jokes and have fun with video games involving blood constantly spurting out of people.

"I never wanna fall on a naked woman again." --Iiaeaux

Anyhow, something also triggered my memory to last spring, and I will bring you a dating tip for all you guys out there who don't read this blog. It reminds me of me and KW teaching an Agora Days class called "How to get hott boyfriends and girlfriends, taught by people without hott boyfriends and girlfriends." Haha. Alright so I have a magical BF now, sure. But anyhow, my advice is about kissing, woo. Being pathetic and desperate in this area is not attractive. If you are that desperate to kiss them, then do it. Don't plan it out... and definitely don't try to fit them into your plans, espeically when that requires tehm to move. Have patience, young grasshopper. And it's better if the girl does not give into that either. Dammit, I don't make any sense. I'm so bad with words. Okay, basically, don't plan it out because they know EXACTLY what
you are doing. They're not that dumb. Ha. That was really weird advice.
Hmm... what else can I talk about? Maybe about yesterday since today nothing has happened. Well we tried all day to plan Jono's movie party thing,but it seems that w/o Angelina this stuff won't exist. This rather pisses me off. First of all, I don't see why boys can't find some other girl to flirt with other than Angelina. She doesn't even like any of them, so it's pretty pointless. Also, she obviously doesn't want to do these social events right now, so it's mean to call her 10 million times to force her to. If someone does not want to be included then do not include them. It is not so hard. Furthermore, everyone is complaining about "let's do something..." and then they have no ideas. I think next weekend we are going to do something at MY house because then other people will not be pissed at me. Maybe it will be a small thing, with only like 2 or 3 other people. If they decide to show up. Anyway I'm on the phone with Iiaeaux and Batia now and we are talking about our Friday plans, and weird retro

I feel like posting more now. I will tell you about my weird recurring
dream I had last night. It changed slightly and Nobu was in it now,
although I can't figure out what he did. He was kind of just there.
Anyhow, the premise is that it's at Uni, which is really big and scary,
with TONS of floors and staircases, and it's basically huge. AND we have a football/soccer/whatever court thing outside, and bleachers. It sickens me. Anyhow, there's also a big nice outside area that's paved and surrounded by grass. In this place, there is a big statue of Neo from the Matrix, dodging bullets, like

And it's cool, but for some reason, Kovacs wants to get rid of it. She
asks us why we want it and we all basically say "Cuz the Matrix is such a cool movie, obviously." And she doesn't get it. Anyway I can't remember how the dream ends, but I'm sure that's at least the second time I have had it. The grass was quite green too and the weather was very nice. Unlike here. Clumpy grass and mushy weather. Well I must go, eat food now, so that was my weird thought of today. Yay.

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