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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

...Let's try again...

Alright this is getting all messed up, but anyway last time it was working I was talking about steroids. Or maybe I wasn't. Anyway, we talked about them in Health. It was icky. A little bit of muscle is okay, but if it is noticable and not ignorable, then there is SOMETHING WRONG. Yuck. Anyway in english we discussed 1984 in our groups. It was fun, and we came up with all sorts of connections, many of which were to Pleasantville. Since we were thinking that maybe Eurasia and Eastasia don't actually exist, like in Pleasantville... when Bud asks the teacher "What comes after main street" and people just stare at him like he's psycho. Michael once told me about someone he knew that had to watch that movie in black and white. Now that is just hilarious.

Now onto the bad things. There were a few. First of all, I am going to be ambiguous and not tell you, so ha. Basically some stuff I have been thinking about for a while, and it's all coming back to me. The good thing is that since I didn't tell anyone, no one is directly using it against me. Yay! The bad thing is that since I didn't tell anyone, and don't plan to, if it gets worse, no one will be able to help me. Nooooo onneeeeee because that would mean it's worse, and yeah. Circularness. Second bad thing is that I think there was something wrong with him again. And I think I'm making it worse. The fact that I rarely pay attention to him... even though I'm with him, it's rare that we are alone enough for me to really involve him in what is happening around us. I feel horrible about this, and I don't know what to do when it gets bad. However, I can't just block everyone else out. They also pose problems. And, I don't want this to turn into a "My Friends Over You" thing or something. He isn't particularly demanding, but I don't know what to do when stuff gets shaky. Bad thing 3: homework. Yesterday I was in more of a working mode. I guess that happens because on Sundays I seriously can't think at all. I pretty much become a big blob. Mondays are better, like yesterday, but I think I'm slowing down again. Hmph. I can't even remember what I have to do. It's like... math, english, maybe history? We have a health test tomorrow, and I suppose I should look over that stuff too so I know enough to answer those questions that apparently have answers that are not actually asked. I should practice cello too, and this all must be done before 7, when I told Jono to call back about making a script for our "samurai movie". Haha. Goody. Keep those good times coming. I am trying to learn to balance the work with my friends. This phrase means to me, "doing homework really fast and managing to get good grades, while chilling the rest of the time and not worrying about grades or procrastinating". Sounds good to me. Roveiza asked who Jono was. Eventually we figured it out. That was good. Japanese was good today. Yay. Kangway has not chopped his pretty hair off yet. However, I have the feeling it's going soon. And by that, it may sadden me greatly. At least I have control over one boy's hair.

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