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Thursday, February 06, 2003

...whiiiiieeeeeeeiiiiiiiieeeeeiiiiiiii, supaman's dead...

Yay. Alright today was not so pissed-off. Nobu was sick, so he was not there and everyone expected me to know where he was. Well I figured it out, aren't I brilliant. Hmph. Nathan was playing with my hair and I didn't really mind it at the time but it was all knotty afterwards so I took a shower when I came home. My friends are confused. That is not good. Well anyway, today I didn't have time to eat lunch so KW bought me a sandwich from Deralds during 5th and I ate it in the passing period before Japanese. It was good, and muchly appreciated. Tomorrow we are going to roam campus, and it should be fun. Maybe I can get them to go back to Evo. I liked that. They have the coolest straws ever. Nevermind the fact that they have stupid video game addicts too. Hmm. ANYWAY... our english discussions are getting very interesting. I liked the one yesterday better though. It was mostly Hannah giggling about sex and us saying calm down. At one point someone said "blah blah blah horny eleven year olds" and I perked up and said "What? 11 year olds? Where!?" And everyone thought this was very amusing. Today I made a picture that said "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU" with graphics I found online, and it had some 9-11 thing (woo throw in some anti americanism while we're at it), and it had an eye, and a mailbox sheep, which rocked. HMPH. I think my throat is a teensy bit sore. I hope it goes away. Maybe I caught it from Nobu. Stupid germs. I like Jono's comments on the phone today. He was like "What, I AM your daughter!" (from the OTHERS) and "foooooorthy yeaaaaars!" HAHAHHAHAHA. Anyway, he also said, while I was talking to him and Angelina, "Okay so they're at a movie, Mo and Nobu, and Nobu speaks in '... language' saying 'i love you' and Mo is like '...' (translation: I love you too) and then he takes out a big club and whacks her on the head and she dies." and angelina is like "well... it started okay..." haha. Reminds me of in math, when Julie is like "moooo loves someone" and i'm like "that's nice Julie" and she's like "and I know whooooo" and tess is like "mo, is she talking about nobu" and i say "I guess she is" and tom is like "what if she's not?" Hahaha. And eventually Ms. Plisch started ranting about how you shouldn't join sororities or fraternities, because they force you to socialize and that's bad. She is a very interesting teacher sometimes. I don't see why people hate her so much. Her randomness is amusing. Anyway, we gotta go tomorrow and find that pinky pinky purple purple shampoo.

Ghetto words of the day:
Hizzouse (house)
pazoke (poke)

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