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Friday, February 07, 2003


Feef has no meaning. I feel pretty crappy. I still think that small amounts of emotional pain are better than small amounts of physical pain. Such as being sick. Dude it sucks. I think I got laryngitis again. Maybe I caught whatever Nobu had, and it magically transformed into laryngitis. I haven't had any diseases in the past year that i remember other than laryngitis. It pisses me off. Anyway, Nathan was being annoying. I don't hate him, but he was asking stupid questions and trying to play with my hair again. Stupid questions as in, "Do you make out with Nobu often?" Sometimes I want to make up an answer and scare him, and sometimes I would like to slap him. Jeez. Today we went on campus after school cuz it was a short day, and it made me feel better. Everyone got made at Jono though. He wasn't any more annoying than Scoobz, who was yelling at him the entire time. KW and Angelina are really confused. WEIRD. And Scoobz was asking everyone who they liked, and it was highly unpleasant. However, I am saved, cuz everyone knows who I like. Someone said to him after he asked me that, "You don't ask someone who has a boyfriend who they like! The answer is obvious!" I felt really sleepy today in school, and I almost fell asleep on the stage during Health. Ugh. Also, the thing. My magical thing that no one knows about. Haha. It might not even exist... I might be just saying "I have a secret" to beg for attention. However, I don't think that's it. My mind plays tricks on me sometimes though. Herf. Today was good although it was incredibly cold and that rather sucked. Also if I had been well it would have been better. KW was talking to a bunch of sophomores at the Union that we ran into, and they were like "where's Nobu?" It's not like I expected that people wouldn't find out or something. Well I did for a while, when it was all a big fat secret that only KW knew about... Ugh again. I feel stupid, and contagious. Actually I'm probably not contagious, cuz no one ever catches stuff from me. We ate at a chinese restaurant and I felt left out cuz I don't know chinese. My heart (no not heart attack)... We talked about the ending to the Amber Spyglass, a good book. It was very sad. It was sads though, cuz Lyra and Will can't be together! Stay in seperate worlds! That would suck. Hmph. Sad endings. Maybe my life will have a happy one, or at least more happiness than sadness. I'm hoping that's true. Lara, Nick, Lucas, and Kris were at the Union too and they grabbed Kangway for "spin the bottle." That pissed me off probably more than it did Kangway. And they were like, "Here you can have your boyfriend back" and i'm like, "Uh... he's not my boyfriend..." and they're like "well we've never met him before" except they had all talked online to him, but they don't know him in real life. Now they do I guess. Maybe I told one of them (kris I think) that I had a boyfriend, because they asked me around winter formal time since they were going. Hmm. I waited outside for Jono to be picked up, and it was okay. It was cold though. Now I'm just ranting, aren't I? Whatever. Nobu emailed yesterday and said he thought he was gonna die (from being sick)... that's kind of a weird email. I am concerned though, because he was gone yesterday and today. And I guess that I gave it to him maybe. OR it's just these crazy American germs that attack everyone. However, sadly that doesn't mean I'm immune. Too bad my non-immunity doesn't mean I'm not American. RaR. I think there's a Medieval Combat training session on sunday or monday. I can only go to the monday one cuz of orchestra, but yeah. I still need a class 3rd period. Ugh. My scarf is comfortable. I like it very much. We had like 3 substitute teachers today which was weird. Alright I think I am done here.... mayyyyyybe?

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