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Sunday, February 09, 2003


GUESS WHAT! My fever went down... to... 99.5! Chaching! That means that... I'm getting better! Aren't you so proud of me?!?!?! Yeah didn't think so. Well today, as being banned from the computer for a while, was really bored... so I made up some anagrams of my name (my full name, which you will never know... muahahaha):

Menz die lies aid UK (well... almost... i need another K though)...
Ladies kneez mud iki
Middle zen is a kueki
sad kid iz inlukee me

Aren't those beautiful? Yes I know they are. Yay. In my mommy's diary/blog type thing, she says that she loves me many times. I feel so accepted, even if everyone else hates me, she will still love me, even though I am a rebellious teen...

I'm sure I had more to say here. I was thinking about this when I was sick and alone! NOOOOOO!!! With my chinese food. mmm mmm. And my iPod. I am trying to get certain people to buy 20 gig iPods/imaginary-chocolate-3-million-dollar-houses for Valentines Day. Oopsies, that was a secret. Hope they don't assassinate me. That would be horrible. KW asked my mom on the phone yesterday "can you get Mo a bubble suit so that she can hang out with us?" Obviously my prescence is soooo important *cough cough*. Anyway, what else? Oh yeah, now I remember: Iiaeaux Alod was trying to find nice fitting first names with last names (as in, when girls marry and change their last name)... I like my last name and I can't say I'm planning on changing it, but it's fun to think about anyway. My conclusion was that Mo doesn't go very well with any last names that aren't asian... KW was like, "Hmm... Mo Chen, Mo Li, Mo Cheng..." and then... Mr. Beesley's FAVORITE: Mo Gu. It made me remember subbie orientation, and how the first thing he said to me was "You should marry George, and then you'll be Mo Gu!" Haha. And then thinking about last year took me back to... i don't know, almost exactly a year ago? and the whole thing with the Linkin Park CD that KW burned for me, and I was so happy. And Lucy thought I was listening to flute concertos but it was really Linkin Park. And Agora Days. Dude that was fun. Ooh I have good memories. I think we need to produce more good memory type things. Hopefully, since I *should* be able to go to school on tuesday, we can have more agora days funness. Also, Valentines day... NOOOOO... I suppose I should buy something for Nobu. I don't know why this is so hard. Something seems wrong though. Hmm... Oh yeah. Now I remember what it is. He's going to cut his hair. *goes insane for the second time in two days*.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...... it's such nice long pretty azn dyed hair. Dammit. Putting functionality over hair. I suppose it is just the obviousness of the differences between us. I refuse to give up my morals of... hair = everything. *sigh*... boys are ... obviously confused about hair. Ooh, I realized though, that I will be able to see him on tuesday (if we are both sufficiently revived)... too bad it's not like in pokemon where they are sick for like 3 hours and then are healed... I guess it's been since last wednesday since I saw magical azn legolas. it will be almost a week when i see him again! NOOOO!! Hopefully we will have sufficient hanging out time this week though (I hope he's happy too...) and THEY (i'm gonna refer to you guys as they now, Angelina... k?) will be aroundish but each of THEY and US will be wrapped up in either one, so I assume there won't be too much mixing, which i'm sure will please Nobu. Yay. This is really long and pointless. I still have to get something for v-day. I said to Iiaeaux, "he's ridiculously hard to shop for, because he only likes these really random unpredictable things (hey... i'm random and unpredictable!)"... hehe. Another quote from her: "ack. Moan. Splat. Jesus."

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