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Monday, February 10, 2003


Yesterday, Nationstates would not allow logins in the evening because 4000 people were already signed in at the moment. Shows how popular it is. In the UN forum, here is a proposal (to get rid of Valentine's Day)... Hehe.

Apparently the form rejected it for being too big - so here's the junior college version. The actual proposal is on page 14 of the UN thingy. Just look for it - it's there.

Nuclear escalation. Widespread curtailment of personal freedoms. Violations of the Geneva Convention.

These issues are nothing more than petty grievances compared to the true horror that plagues us - Valentine's Day.

The first and only Hallmark representative to set foot in Japan was shot on sight, and not without justification. While many holidays lower the standard of living and the well-being of the global community, V-Day is perhaps the most reprehensible, deviant form of behavior modification yet produced by marketing executives. There is no group that profits in the least from this vile, artificial standard.

The media constantly perpetrates the image of a "happy couple", one composed of one male and one female, of the same ethnicity - nearly always caucasian - and implies that to do or to be otherwise means something is terribly, terribly wrong with you. We are flooded with these images, and with idealized hearts, cupids, and other sickeningly cute symbolisms nearly a month beforehand, and they are inescapable. Those of us not fortunate enough to be in a relationship are mocked, cast out, considered to be inept losers who do not deserve happiness; those of us not in a stereotypical, male/female relationship with all partners of the same creed and demographic are viewed with suspicion and shunned as "inappropriate". Even those with a partner are not spared, as new relationships are strained by the stress of attempting to forecast just the right approach, just the right manner in which to tackle the mannerisms of V-Day. Older relationships are forced to weave the emotional and spiritual into bald, blatant material goods, and the status of the relationship itself can hinge upon how much money is spent. Even letting the day pass is impossible, as this failure to comply is considered an apathy and a lack of commitment towards the emotional and the spiritual itself. The holiday of Valentine's Day serves only to elicit, in crass, materialistic manners, behavior which by all rights ought to be commonplace and volunteered. Purchasing flowers because you are meant to purchase flowers has no value... purchasing flowers because you feel like purchasing flowers, with no ulterior motives or sociological urgings, has value. This is the creed to which we should conform.

As the United Nations, it is our duty to solve problems which challenge humanity. To this end, as a dangerous and destructive policy, Valentine's Day should be censured and eliminated in all forms of popular media and marketed goods. Couples may choose to celebrate their happiness on February 14th, but they may choose to do so on any other day as well, and there shall be no interference nor encouragement to set a sanctioned date or time on which to do so, on any scale. This issue strikes at the heart of the global community, at the community itself, at the heart of every emotional creature that walks this planet. As the UN, we can do no less than to resolve that V-Day must be eliminated.

Here is a conversation between me and angelina:

bananagenes: ooh that would be bad
bananagenes: and we're like stuck together at the mouth
hellsangel51289: lol
hellsangel51289: "oops i fell on his mouth"
hellsangel51289: or
bananagenes: and my mom is like "okay we're leaving now, come downstairs" *moan moan*
bananagenes: haha
hellsangel51289: "i was trying to get my gum back"
bananagenes: "WHAT you can't chew gum with braces!"
hellsangel51289: "i meant...uh...bread?"

Another convo:

"nobu killed angelina belmont and ito cuz they were flirting and you laughed it was odd then i went to the train tracks and hung out and had some vodka and i went back to my house... laughed the way you did when i told you that you'd be a crappy psychiatrist..."

liz: you know if love was measured in kb's would take HOURS for me to upload my love for you.
mikey: *taps your forehead* that's because of your small upstream bandwidth dear.

"It's a small world, then the airline loses your luggage"
"incidentally, did anyone know that 'speak english or die' is a song by yellow machinegun? although i think its actually in japanese..."

bananagenes: but i look like i'm gonna either die, throw up, or kill the cameraman
smurfy1506: lol, all of them seem like wonderful things
bananagenes: that was flattering

Altron GuyL5: i can imagine the dell guy
Altron GuyL5: "Dude, i'm soooooo stoneeeeeeeddddddd...... you're gettingg a..... linuxxxx?????"
Altron GuyL5: "i mean, you're getting a russian wife! i mean, me gettin' wife..."
Altron GuyL5: then he collapses, and died

Altron GuyL5: ohhh fuck! fuck fuck fuck!
Altron GuyL5: i lefft my japanese speech in my fucking locking!
Altron GuyL5: *locker!
Altron GuyL5: dammiiitt
Altron GuyL5: dammittt
Altron GuyL5: do u think sensei will understand?
Altron GuyL5: melisa!
Altron GuyL5: melisa!
Altron GuyL5: fuzzy melisa creature
Altron GuyL5: get the hell over here!
Altron GuyL5: now!
Altron GuyL5: now!
Altron GuyL5: pleaseeeeeeeee
Altron GuyL5: whieeeeiiieeeiiiiiiii aren't u here
bananagenes: hi
Altron GuyL5: melisa
Altron GuyL5: melisa
bananagenes: hi
Altron GuyL5: melisa!
bananagenes: i think that sensei
bananagenes: will forgive yo
bananagenes: u
bananagenes: i mean
bananagenes: she'll kill you with a bloody knife
Altron GuyL5: nooo!!!!!
bananagenes: and you know how brutal sensei can be with her naifu
Altron GuyL5: yes
bananagenes: exactly
Altron GuyL5: noooo
bananagenes: haha
bananagenes: i'm getting funny images of sensei killing you
bananagenes: she's like hurling you on top of the desk in the japanese room
bananagenes: and you're like "no sensei, i really meant to practice my speech!"
Altron GuyL5: and thrusting with her long 20 inch knife down
bananagenes: exactly
bananagenes: and pinning you to the table
bananagenes: i mean, desk
bananagenes: where she leaves you
bananagenes: and you slowly bleed to death saying "if only I had remembered my japanese speech!"
Altron GuyL5: haha
bananagenes: and then you flex your arm muscle and say "at least i died swoll and with low body fat"
Altron GuyL5: hahahaha
bananagenes: and we take pictures
bananagenes: and you become a model
bananagenes: on the cover of "Necrophilia weekly"
Altron GuyL5: EWWWWWWno
Altron GuyL5: noonono
bananagenes: KANGWAY
bananagenes: you can be
bananagenes: *drumroll*:
Altron GuyL5: .......
bananagenes: come on!!!!!!!
bananagenes: dead you would still be a hell of a lot hotter than ben affleck!
Altron GuyL5: ....
bananagenes: haha i'm scaring you
Altron GuyL5: yes you are

And an all new part of my blog... Site of the Day:

The Dell Dude gets arrested!!!

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