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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

...singing in my sleep...

Well, it's a day off from school for me today. I'm still sick, and I am coughing maniacally, and I can't breathe through my nose. I also am way too dead to move in the mornings, so I kind of just.... lie there for a long time and think. Let my mind wander anyway. And it gets weeeeeird. I told Arielska my story yesterday, and she thought it was very sad. I did too, but now it's kind of funny. I think I shouldn't be so upset about boys anymore. Not that I have anything to be upset about right now. Tomorrow, if/when I go back to school, I will see Nobu again. It's been a week. Too much disease. BLEH. ARF. I decided that getting on ssh was not too good of a move since anyone at school can be on too. Hmm. Brilliant, eh? I think I will go get dressed now. I hope I can take a shower sometime. Maybe that will also clear out my lungs and nose.

K I'm back. I wasted my whole morning/early afternoon filling up time with videos. It was mildly fun. I decided that if you could be sick with other people and not be alone, it would be much more fun. I watched French Kiss, The Truth about Cats and Dogs, and The Princess Bride. All three of them were good and funny at times. And they all involved quite large misunderstandings... I sat in the couch and ate crackers, and then around noontime got chinese food, so it's all good. Now it's almost 6, so people should be starting to trickle into IM. I don't even know if I'm coming to school tomorrow. Iiaeaux says that Nobu talked to her today, which is good. Still no v-day gift though. RaR. Maybe I'll just forget it. I shouldn't feel the need to give into this stupid holiday anyway. This is second day in a row that I have had "Too Much Stereo" stuck in my head. I should stop listening to it.

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