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Thursday, February 13, 2003

...avril lavigne is scary...

I realize I used the phrase "chill out" and I quoted avril lavigne to scare Angelina today. What is the world coming to. I'm in a bad mood, but it's a good bad mood because you know, I know that what it is about is true. Apparently I'm waaaaaay too submissive and stupid, and I do anything people ask me to. And I know it's right. It's also exactly what I *don't* want to be. Not just my parents either. It's my friends too. I do exactly what they want me to do, and I fit exactly where they put me. Well it is time to stop that. I guess no one really likes me for me. They just must like me because I'll be whoever they want me to be. I never thought I had to say this, but I think I need to be bitchier. Or at least more assertive, and the two are often synonymous. But then I tend to feel like I should be being nicer. I'll just try not to feel that way this time then. I will be me. I think that's a good plan, don't you? Except, I'm having that cliche little trouble of figuring out who ME is. After watching about 6 romantic comedies in the past 2 days... I have decided that obviously the way for stuff to work out in real life is make harsh decisions on whim, go with impulses, and then sleep with whichever guy you randomly choose is right for you. However, I don't think that's quite the way to becoming "Me".

mo posted at 8:30 PM.