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Friday, February 14, 2003

...ooh romance...

Well it's the day I have been dreading. RIGHT. Actually, it didn't suck because I went to school!!! YES!!! I had an AGORA DAY. Actually, one agora day is just fine by me. I don't quite mind the whole romantic comedy and chinese food thing. I gotta get sick more often :) Actually today was cool. My day went as follows: My class, which majorly sucked, but we pulled through anyway and I am SO not teaching that again next year. But Nobu made me a cool crane out of the wrapping on a hersheys kiss. Then the Mao class, in which we played the Mafia game, which I love, and it has nothing to do with cards. Nobu and I were the Mafia one time, and we rawked... actually we just won, but in a game it is the same. Then I followed Angelina around for a class period... and more on that later since I have cello now. Okay back to descriptions. We went to Emma's class during 3rd period, and we made these origami things. First we made these pink hearts for Kangway and Nobu, in the spirit of Valentine's Day. Then we decided to make paper shirts to put the hearts in. Then we decided the hearts looked better as demonic faces, so we made skirts (with luscious hips) for both of our men. Then we stapled it all together and I made Angelina write the SAME lyrics that KW had written for her (but forgotten to give the card). It took a while since, unlike him, I don't know them by heart, and she doesn't know them at ALL. They were from Black balloon... I love the lyrics though. It's, "A thousand other boys could never reach you.... how could I have been the one? I saw the world spin beneath you, and scatter like ice from a spoon it was your womb.... yeah..." anyway, that was great fun, and we even made hair for our paper lovers. It was really awful, and I don't think Nobu OR Kangway greatly appreciated it. But anyway it's on to 4th period which was Hebrew for me. We watched Hebrew Sesame Street and it was fun. ERNIE! Apparently when I was two and my brother was going to be born, I would not suggest any other names for the baby other than "Ernie". I guess Bert sucked comparitively. However, I'm glad to say that my brother is NOT named Ernie. Phew. Anyway during 5th, I reluctantly like a good little girl went to the Royal Tenenbaums, but then gladly found out that Medieval Combat II had been cancelled due to rain anyway... so I didn't miss it! Then I was happy, and in the Royal Tenenbaums class we watched the very end and very beginning of Rushmore (in that order) since they were done with the previous movie. They advertised the Rushmore soundtrack at the beginning, and I was like "I HAVE that!" my parents bought it years ago after seeing the movie, which they reccommend. It was rated R, I'm not sure for what. I didn't see anything R deserving yet. Maybe they'll let me watch it, since they say it's excellent. I liked the bit I saw. Anyway then it was 6th period which was English Church Music (Stephen taught it) and Jono was there and nothing much happened except, of course, we listened to kind of creepy church music... dude can those guys sing. Anyway then I called my mommy and we agreed that I could go out and she would pick me up at five. So me, Angelina, Nobu, and Ariana set out in the mushy but NOT ice storming weather to Walgreens. This was to buy Kangway a gift, since she totally forgot to buy the one she said she would get for Nobu, so I gave Kangway's to Nobu and we bought another for Kangway. It's all rather pointless, but anyway I kind of knocked over this nail polish at Walgreens, and it's not really my fault, it was in MY way. Jeez. I didn't have to pay for it though, which was good. Then we left, luckily and went some other places, then the Union, where me and Nobu sat and of course had deep discussion while Ariana and Angelina retrieved Kangway. Then we all ate, or the females got food and the guys just sat there having already eaten. It was kind of sad looking, they were both completely silent over there and we were having problems ordering the food. We're just bad at life, that's my conclusion. So then we were pretty much all silent, Ariana sitting under the table moaning and whispering things, me and Nobu glancing at each other and therefore communicating, but no talking involved, Kangway hiding behind his hair and gum (and he eventually got fries) and Angelina glancing around at different people. It was fun for some reason, although I can't really imagine why. Then my mom picked me up. It's not storming even now, it's just raining a bit. LUCKINESS. I kinda hope for an ice storm, although it will get rid of my beautiful internet. Apparently in 90 the ice storm was so bad that they had no power for 5 days, so my dad drove my mom and me to my grandparents' house (4 hours away) and he went back to work, which had power, until the storm was over. Sounds like good times to me. Haha. I bet it rather sucked, but I don't know, it seems exciting. So, as long as it doesn't happen in the next 45 minutes, and the dance is still on, I will be happy. So I came home and went to cello, and on the way to cello (you will be interested in this, Iiaeaux), I kind of halfway explained the whole Tess-Ariana huge thing. The problem is that I realize that I have vast holes in my knowledge. I know the jist of it though, and I explained. Like I expected, my mother has no problems with lesbians/bis/gays, although she didn't expect people to even be aware if they were lesbian/bi/gay yet, and just be kind of questioning. She also was impressed at the vast gay teen community that is apparently present at Central or something, I don't know where they meet all those people, since my mom said she knew no one that wasn't heterosexual. I don't see why it would bother her anyway, but I suppose now it's proven that she doesn't mind. In this conversation, I said something about Angelina/Kangway's going-kinda-out-ish-ness (don't hurt me, Angelina)... but she said something like "That's only cuz you're taken"... and that scared me. I know KW would never ever ever in a bazillion trillion years go out with me, even if I liked him. He just wouldn't. I don't know why, it's just him. Angelina and KW are cute together though... even the way I have to keep some stuff from her and tell him a bit more... it's hard when I am almost equal friends with both of them, it's like... whose "side" am I on... Heh. Hopefully that won't come up. It did though about the giving after school thing. He came into her class and gave it to her. It's so sweet :) I wish a boy did that for me. Hell, even a girl. I got nothing, except a little valentine from Arielska and something from Iiaeaux. And a hell of a lot of candy all through the day. Hmm. Anyway, it's almost the dance time, yaaaaay. So you won't hear any more from me tonight, I know you are sad. Maybe not tomorrow... we're expecting up to 10 inches of snow. Funfun. "She said it's snowing, it's snowing, God I hate this weather"... that's what goes into my head every time it snows. RaR!

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